Case Study | Amble Swimblers

Case Study | Amble Swimblers


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Back in June 2021, Judith tried cold water swimming after her friend recommended it. She loved it so much that she started a Facebook group called ‘Amble Swimblers’ in July 2021. This group, focused on casual sea swims, quickly became a small community improving both mental and physical well-being.

Judith, a nature lover but not a strong swimmer, sought after an experience that involved safe cold water swimming. Initially concerned about safety, she found like minded people interested in this activity. The first swimble attracted three strangers, who became good friends.

“Swimble – A cross between a bimble (leisurely walk) and a swim. So a leisurely float around in the sea, lake or river without much purpose other than to enjoy oneself, usually with other like minded swimblers.”

Mental and Physical Benefits

Cold water swimming has well-known mental health benefits. For Judith, who has M.E., the gentle exercise and mindfulness from the swimbles have been super helpful. People in the group feel better, less stressed, and more accomplished. The physical perks, like better circulation and cold tolerance, are a nice bonus.

Community Impact

The Amble Swimblers group has really grown, bringing in both locals and visitors to Amble. For many, it’s a way to feel like they belong and make new friends. The social side of the swimbles has helped integrate newcomers into the Amble community, creating bonds that go beyond just swimming.

Partnership with Tradeprint

To boost their visibility and create a sense of identity, Amble Swimblers teamed up with Tradeprint for some custom printed flags. These flags help members locate each other easily during swims, especially in crowded or large swimming areas. Plus, the eye-catching flags attract people who might want to join or learn more about the group.


‘Amble Swimblers’ are open to anyone who want to join them for a dip. For more information, pop over to their facebook page –

Happy Swimbling 


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