Emma The Elephant Update

Emma the elephant from Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS’ Emma Update

It has been but a few weeks since the limited-edition Emma packs flew out of the warehouse and people started slurping their coffee from the mugs emblazoned with Emma’s face.
We were really pleased with the support we received from our lovely customers and so is Emma as we have had word that she is thriving at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital, Ghari Churmura, Farah, Uttar Pradesh 281122

Wildlife SOS is always trying to raise funds for their rescued animals and one way they achieve this is by offering animals for adoption.
Since her rescue and our subsequent adoption of Emma, we are very lucky to get regular updates about how she is doing. It is an enormous comfort to know our funds are going towards helping Wildlife SOS to keep her safe and healthy.

Emma was in urgent need of soothing foot care after years of being used for begging on hot tarmac roads. Her foot care treatment now includes regular medicated foot baths, topical application of medicines and regular toenail trimming. Joint strengthening supplements and pain management help to alleviate the pain and discomfort from her limbs.

Psychologically Emma has done remarkably well and benefits hugely from the company of Maya and Phoolkali. They often walk together and take dips in the Yamuna river; some might say this is the perfect plan for retirement! Maya looks out for Emma and waits for her to catch up when they stroll together, Maya’s gentle trumpets and rumbles bring Emma comfort and a sense of belonging to a herd.

As part of her healing journey, Emma’s caregiver prioritises the disinfection and sanitisation of her enclosure and includes enrichments to protect her from any infection.
If you would like to help Emma or sponsor one of the other rescued animals that Wildlife SOS look after click here – help an elephant

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