Tradeprint attends Change Centre Open Day


Street Soccer Scotland, Dundee Charity scores big at open day.

We had the privilege of visiting “Street Soccer Scotland,” a charity that has earned widespread acclaim in the local community for its remarkable efforts to assist those in need. The spotlight of our visit was their newly refurbished “Change Centre” located within the Lynch Sports Centre on South Road in Dundee. Their mission is not just about transforming the facility but changing lives within the community through personal development support and football-themed training.

At the core of their work lies a commitment to individuals facing adversity. Whether battling addiction, grappling with mental health challenges, or struggling with homelessness, Street Soccer Scotland extends a compassionate hand. What we witnessed were not just success stories but transformations – individuals who had walked through these doors seeking support and had since emerged as mentors and qualified instructors.

This exceptional charity places the needs of others above all else, guiding individuals towards success and offering support every step of the way. Street Soccer Scotland is a registered charity in Scotland, and their Change Centre in Dundee is the charity’s first dedicated premises. It serves as a testament to their substantial investment in providing essential amenities and services to the local community. The centre boasts an indoor astroturf pitch, a hard floor hall, an education suite, badminton courts, and more. It’s not merely a facility; it’s a vibrant and secure sanctuary for individuals from all walks of life. This centre has been purposefully designed to combat isolation, provide support to those wrestling with mental health challenges, and create a space for people to connect and socialise. It’s a place where individuals from challenging backgrounds find a renewed sense of belonging and value in society.

To sustain their mission, the charity generously opens up the space to the local community and businesses. They offer it as a venue for a wide array of events, including team-building activities, children’s parties, and sensory rooms. In doing so, Street Soccer Scotland doesn’t just provide a lifeline; it becomes a vibrant hub for community engagement, bridging gaps between diverse groups and promoting unity.

The Change Centre has undeniably become a lifeline for many in the Dundee area, standing as a reliable pillar in their lives. It continues to expand its services, reaching out to more individuals and families, and strengthening its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives it touches.

Over the past few years, Tradeprint has partnered with the Change Centre to provide essential support for their printing needs. We strongly resonate with this organisation, as they align with our core values at Tradeprint, which include supporting the local community and businesses, collaborating with individuals to aid their success, and recognising those who strive for personal growth.

We can’t wait to continue supporting Street Soccer Scotland in the future and help promote this charity’s amazing work.

If you’re interested in learning more about “Street Soccer Scotland” or know someone who could benefit from their services, we invite you to explore their website at

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