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Charity Discounts From Tradeprint

Charity Support From Tradeprint

We know that charities need all the support they can get so we have set up two ways that we have chosen to support UK charities.

Open Discount For Registered Charities

We have dedicated support for charities by way of a 15% discount which is available to UK based registered charities and charitable foundations. You can apply and read more about it on our charity page.

I’m A Charity, How Do I Apply For The Discount?

Any UK based charity or charitable foundation with a registered charity number can apply for our charitable discount which will be valid for use on online purchases of many print materials. Just click here to apply.

UK charities requiring bespoke print or large quantities that they can’t find online can call us for customised quotes. Call 0330 024 0020 to have a chat about your printing options.

Additional Support for Charity Merchandise, With No Commission and No Subscription Fees

Printed merchandise is a really important part of the fundraising mix for charities and we are ready to provide additional support for this type of activity.

We will work with you to set up a system whereby when orders come through to you, we pick them up for print and once printed, we will deliver the products.

Say you raise money for your charity and you want slogan tote bags created from designs by your supporters but, you don’t have a warehouse for storage, the cash to buy blank t-shirts upfront or the time to head to the post office daily to send them out.

We have the warehouse storage, the blank products ready to print and the resources to get the printed products sent out to your supporters. We can do as few as one at a time which means that we can cater for your slower days as well as your busy days.

You will need to create graphics of the finished products to list on your website, on social media, Etsy, eBay or other selling space so you can receive orders.

Once your e-commerce space is set up and we are ready to take your orders you are all set to start selling. In this way, you can have an online merchandise offering with none of the upfront costs.

Please contact us with ‘Charity Drop Ship’ in the title and we’ll come back to you to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.


Please note that acceptance to the discount scheme is solely at our discretion. Please also note that we are unable to offer discounts on some of our less popular products. Your discounted price is displayed automatically when you are signed into your account.


Find out more about our drop shipping and print-on-demand services here: drop shipping

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