World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day The Emma Collection at Tradeprint

World Elephant Day

Sparked by the intent to help abolish the use of elephants for human entertainment, World Elephant Day has become something of an annual celebration focused on conserving and protecting elephants and their habitats.

What did we do for it we hear you ask?

Well, we made a little “Emma” limited edition collection which we sold on our website. Emma is an Asian Elephant we have adopted from Wildlife SOS who for the first 40 years lived a life full of abuse on the streets. Since January 2021 when Emma was rescued by Wildlife SOS she has lived out her days enjoying cabbages, cauliflowers, and footbaths under the Indian sun. She’s a cutie so one of our designers was inspired to draw her and this became the basis for the limited edition bundles which are no longer available.

A little bit about why World Elephant Day is so important.

The plight of both the African and Asian elephant demands that the world take action lest the creatures be assigned to the history books under “E” for Extinct or, “I” for Ivory and its value as a commodity.

In parts of the world, it has become commonplace for elephants to be poached as big game, taken for use in elaborate ceremonies and processions or simply used for begging and as an “experience” for tourists to ride. The elephants themselves are put under a tremendous strain and are emotionally broken and physically brought to the brink so they learn to submit to their trainers to be used for the latter. They often lack the care and proper nutrition that these giants actually need, and their feet are often damaged from being forced to work on terrain unsuitable for them such as hot tarmac roads. Elephants are losing their habitats with the current rate of industrialisation and human developments and really need safe places to live without fear.

Wildlife SOS do essential work; rescuing captive elephants and also striving to improve awareness and education around the mistreatment of animals.  At their Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Mathura – India, they rehabilitate and provide ongoing medical care for rescued elephants. This, combined with the facilities at their dedicated Elephant Hospital (based on the same site) enables elephants to recuperate and live out their lives in peace.

Here is s alink to the latest Wildlife SOS petition politely asking the Indian Govt to enforce the laws pertaining to captive elephants; feel free to sign it:

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