Creating a Social Media Strategy for Beginners

Social Media Strategy

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Beginners

It’s simple. When you succeed, we succeed.

If we didn’t have your designs, we wouldn’t have anything to print! So, we’ve decided to put together this handy Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing to help you Graphic Designers, Entrepreneurs and Print Resellers get more clients on board.


First thing’s first, you’re going to want to be very active across your Social Media channels. It’s clear that with such a visual product, Instagram will be the big channel to focus on. If you get your hashtags right and make sure your images capture attention, you can get noticed before you’ve even started advertising. Treat your channels like galleries, regularly post your artwork and actively respond to any engagement both on ads and organic posting.

Paid Advertising

The advertising capabilities on Instagram come from Facebook’s platform so they’re extremely sophisticated. Think of all the data Facebook has on people, and how much they’ve collected over so many years. That’s now all at your fingertips to create audiences tailored to your specific needs. There’s a whole plethora of categories, behaviours, employment and interests you can target, so you can make it as specific as you like. Once you’ve built your following you will have data on them too, which you can use to create lookalike audiences. The opportunities are endless, especially if you have your own website!

If you’re new to advertising, Social Media is a great place to start as you don’t require a website. However, once the business starts rolling in, we do recommend getting your own website. It gives clients a better impression that you are established and will open the door to many more advertising opportunities on both Social Media and Google.

LinkedIn advertising is definitely worth exploring too. The targeting capabilities are not as sophisticated as Instagram, as it mainly focuses on employment, but this would still be a beneficial avenue. Whether you specialise in design for a specific sector, or just want to reach the right marketing job titles, with the right approach you’ll be able to secure more clients.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to use your best work for advertising, particularly work that grabs the viewer’s attention. By keeping up with your organic pages you’ll be able to lead your potential customers to an active gallery so make sure you’re uploading these with well thought out hashtags or descriptive comments regularly.



Last but not least, there’s Pinterest! Like Instagram, Pinterest is another tool that is incredibly visual. If you make sure you caption your images with as much specific information as possible, they can even rank on Google – so that’s some free advertising too!

Good luck in beginning your Social Media Marketing journey!

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