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Large Format Print And How To Choose The Right Product

What is large format printing?

What it says on the tin really… large designs on large materials!

When should I use large format?

Signage, Vehicle Graphics, Advertising, Hoardings, Billboards, Exhibitions

What products/materials are available for larger printing?

Variety including soft flexible materials such as paper, vinyl, PVC and polyester fabrics. Then for the rigid signage materials such as Acrylic, Aluminium Composite, Cardboard, Foam and corrugated plastic.

There was a time when large format prints were in Imperial measurements and had the best names. As we went towards the metric system, we lost some of those formats and therefore the names became a distant memory.

We have always enjoyed those terms such as a Crown (381x508mm) and an Elephant (584x711mm – one of our favourite sizes due to the fact we help support Emma the Elephant from Wildlife SOS) or even a Double Elephant (678x1016mm), an Atlas (660x864mm), an Emperor (1219x1829mm) or a Grand Eagle (730x1067mm) There are many, many more and you can read up on them here if it tickles your fancy to take a stroll down memory lane.

Although only those of us who have been in the print trade a long time will remember these terms in a practical sense, large format print is actually bigger and shapelier than ever before. Nowadays, with technology becoming better, faster we can create all sorts of custom shapes and sizes to suit.

We specialise in the print of high-quality large format printing and have a robust collection to choose from.


A classic choice for advertising. Posters will never go out of fashion and will never fail to give you a flood of advertising at a low cost. If your designs are epic enough you might even find them hanging on someone’s wall in twenty years’ time.


Think of a vinyl as a way to use the space around you to advertise. You can use magnetic vinyls to stick on anything metal, floor vinyls to give your floor space some attention or walls and windows to turn space you already have into a branded capsule.
We really like Vinyls when they are simple in design and offer a simple message such as “Sale” “2M” “Shazza Turns 40” or just your logo looking awesome and like it was built into the architecture.


Take your pick from mesh or PVC banners to green screens, clear roller banners for partitioning or café banners. We really like a good banner as they offer a large bang for your investment. If your design is simple and evergreen, you won’t need to keep changing them very often making them a sound marketing choice.


Rigid Boards

We have a plethora of options when it comes to boards, we can print on cardboard, plexiglass, foam board, dibond, Foamex and corrugated plastic. These are hardy and solid and always stand out particularly when used with clever designs. We love them used as oversized objects like iPhones, cassette tapes, notebooks, cups of tea and such like.

Roller banners

These are made from 610gsm PVC or 440 gsm textured vinyl and we like them best for pop up events as they are so light and easily portable.


Flags offer a focal point and a landmark for a business or event. There are several shapes to choose from; crest flags, teardrop flags or feather flags and any one of them is a standout. The fact that they sit proudly, and they move with the breeze makes them an interactive marker, like a Google pin and people will remember them without even trying.


We keep three distinct styles in stock:

  1. Forecourt plastic stands that can withstand winds of up to 18mph. The empty base weighs 4.33kg and has recessed wheels making the unit completely transportable. These are ideal for use on petrol station forecourts, just outside your premises.
  2. Wooden, double-painted classic chalkboards with brass fixtures and fittings that are just 4kg in weight. We love these for pavement advertising.
  3. A classic A Frame made in light stainless steel ready to take posters on both sides. We like these as a re-seller package as you can offer this to customers with poster refills at a fixed cost.

LED Lightboxes

These lightboxes offer permanent backlighting to display your message, they look mint and last for 50,000 hours.

Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands are the apex of print and design. Exhibitions and tradeshows can be expensive to attend or even sponsor so in order to actually stand out to the throngs of people mingling with your competitors you need a showstopper. Enter Tradeprint. Fabric stands either stretch fabric or pop-up fabric, stretch fabric counter stands, stretch snake fabric stands shaped stands or rigid structures all give off that “totally prepared” vibe. You have thought about your look, and you have committed to your brand. Subconsciously this tells people that you mean business.


Cardboard Display

These stands come as cut outs, totems or brochure stands are made from cardboard. If you opt for a non-laminated version, you can pop them straight in the recycling once you are finished with them, but they will last a while if you look after them well. These are really eye catching and fun option for marketing with an edge.

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