How to Order with Tradeprint

How to Order with Tradeprint

With the recent launch of our new website, we added some new functionality as well as overhauling how print is ordered with us.

With a focus on speed and simplicity, a returning customers can now order with us in less than a minute! We did this by improving the navigation, so you can quickly find the product you want, and by simplifying the product configurator, so you can make your product selections quickly too. Plus we’ve made improvements behind the scenes to improve our website speed, so we won’t hold you back!


We plan to increase our product offering massively over the coming months, so we improved the navigation to support this. Instead of a simple product list, we divided products into useful categories so you can find your product quickly.
Tradeprint Navigation
Choose a product from the menu to view our improved product page. Using a simplified product configurator, it’s easy to customise the product to suit your clients’ requirements.
Tradeprint Product Page

You can choose your preferred price based on print quantity and production speed, or alternatively, select a production speed to find a suitable delivery date.

From this page, you can download artwork templates and read our artwork guide for information on how to set up print ready artwork.

Finally, choose your artwork service and view your final total with and without VAT.

You might notice a teal exclamation mark next to some options in the product configurator. This indicates that you cannot select those attributes without changing your other choices. If you want an attribute that has a teal exclamation mark, you’ll need to either change a previous selection, or simply select the option you want and it will automatically change the other selections to a compatible combination.

Tradeprint Basket


When you have all your items in the basket, you are ready to checkout.
Tradeprint Basket
From the basket page, you can enter your reference or PO number and any discount codes.
Tradeprint Basket Page
Returning customers can quickly navigate the checkout using their stored details, however new customers will have to provide some initial information. First, sign up.
Tradeprint sign up
Next, add your delivery address. This can be your address, or you can send directly to your customer.
Tradeprint Delivery Address
Then enter your billing address.
Tradeprint Billing Address
Enter your card details, and remember to tick the “save this card” option for a faster checkout next time!
Tradeprint payment
And finally, you can upload your artwork files. You can do this part later from the Order area in the My Account section, however please note this may delay your delivery.
Tradeprint order complete
We hope you enjoy using our new website. If you have any feedback, questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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