How much time do you spend creating and changing your price lists?

We’re here to help. Tradeprint customers have access to our Retail Price List Generator in their personal dashboard.

You can calculate your margins across the board, by category and even at the level of individual products. Change your prices by percentage or a £note mark-up, then download a CSV you can upload to your website, or use to generate a specific price list for a specific customer. And you can save multiple price lists.

And this comes free with our other reseller tools when you’re a Tradeprint reseller. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot and get a #betterprintlife!


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2 Comments on “How much time do you spend creating and changing your price lists?”

  1. This will be amazing once it is released! I’ve been waiting since April when I was first made aware of it. Just wanted to check in and see what the expected delivery date is at the moment. Thanks,

    1. Hi Bradley!

      Thank you so much for you comment! Our Retail Price List Generator is available from your client portal. Simply select “retail price list generator” from the price list dropdown and choose create a new price list. These can be personalised and sent to your customer.

      We are always updating this feature to make it better and better! If you’d like more information on how to use this feature just give your Customer Success team a call on their direct line, or email us at

      Thanks again!
      Lisa at Tradeprint

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