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Election Print Essentials

+++STOP PRESS: The confirmation of a snap General Election on 12th December gives every print business in the UK a huge opportunity. Such a small window of action means that political parties need print. Lots of it and very quickly, and if you partner with Tradeprint you’ll be able to stretch that election budget further! Follow these tips, and you’ll win business this election season.+++

Politics is a key industry for print businesses. At each election, every party, as well as their candidates from across the UK, rely on printers and printed materials to spread their campaign messages and gain support in their constituency. With the upcoming election, graphic designers, marketing agencies and printers all have a great opportunity to boost their business. Here are our top tips to win their business at this election, and the next!

Find Your Local Election Candidates

First of all find out who is running in your area. You can check the main party websites* for local offices or find a complete guide in your local newspaper or website. Get in touch with the candidates and their agents via their local party office and offer a complete solution for all their print needs for the entirety of their campaign.


Understand what they need

Every candidate will distribute a flyer or a folded leaflet, offering their manifesto, and a postcard to leave when canvassing door-to-door. Most of them will need posters, display banners (Corrugated Plastic is ideal – it’s inexpensive and temporary), perhaps brochures giving full party info, or PVC banners.


With Tradeprint as your print partner, you can sell these items with confidence and all from one place. Add even more value by offering a full design and print service, taking the stress of print away from your client. If you aren’t sure where to start in election design, click here for inspiration.

Understand their Pain Points

Do your research before you go to them. Understanding their pain points and offering thoughtful solutions is a great start to building a relationship. Read up on the electoral process to fully understand their needs.

Another important pain point is the complex Royal Mail’s MailSort service. Never heard of it? Don’t worry – we have you covered. We can ensure all printed materials are delivered to the correct distribution centre in the correct bundle sizes on time and in the correct format, so you, and your clients, don’t have to worry about it.

We also offer an express delivery option, so even if you fall behind, your client will never know. Your clients’ print work will be delivered direct, and on time, perfectly preserving your reputation.



Partner with Tradeprint

We have been working in elections for years and are official printers for a variety of Party Central offices. We know what politicians need for their campaign, and we know how to deliver it too. We know most local parties find local print suppliers, and we think you have a great shot at getting that work!


All printed election materials must include the name and address of the printer and promoter. Make sure you don’t miss this and read up on imprints here.

And Finally…

Now you have the tools to find and secure extra business this election season, browse the print products we can supply to delight your new clients.


*The main party websites are:

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