Understanding your Customers and the Print Industry

Understanding your Customers and the Print Industry

Our new e-book, 68 ways to grow your high street print business, contains a massive 68 pieces of actionable business advice to help you get ahead of your competitors and grow your business.

The first section helps you in building the necessary framework from which to grow your business. It focusses on the print industry and where your business fits in, and helps you in understanding customer needs.

We’ve pulled out some of the useful advice from this first chapter to help you get started:

What’s your USP?

Having a unique selling point is extremely important in a competitive industry like print. You need to identify what makes you stand out from everyone else, whether that’s specialising in one field or industry, or having a unique set of add-on services. This should be the first thing you tell potential new clients as this is the reason they will choose you over your competitors.

Know your customers

You can’t be everything to everyone, so start small and choose just one target audience. It can be small businesses in your immediate area, or a specific industry such as sports clubs. Do your research and find out what they need in terms of print, and why, and create a proposition that gives them exactly that.

Create a persona for the target audience which outlines everything you know about them: from their print needs, to their demographics, what media they consume and how they spend their free time. This will help you create marketing which appeals to the right people, and place it where these people are likely to find it.

Once you are up and running with that audience, move on to another and grow your customer base.

Form an alliance

Ensure your operational costs are as low as possible by partnering up with suppliers. Take advantage of any loyalty or preferred customer discounts on offer, and consider moving more business to them in exchange for better rates. The lower your operating costs, the more profits you’ll make.

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Ready to grow your business?

Download the full e-book for free and receive all 68 pieces of actionable business advice to help you grow your print business. As well as knowing your customers and the market, our e-book will help you gain new customers, increase your product offering, maximise opportunities found in your retail space, improve your sales technique, build your marketing, and discover how outsourcing can help you grow even faster.

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