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Election season is big business in the print world. Candidates from across the UK rely on printers and printed materials to raise awareness of their party and political manifesto in order to gain essential support within their constituency. So with local elections on 3 May in many districts across England, print, design and marketing professionals have a great opportunity to boost their business.

How to secure election business

Make sure you get the most from this opportunity by following our top tips to source and secure election business.

Find your local election candidates

Firstly, check which constituencies are running elections this May, and then find out which candidates are running by checking party websites. You can contact the candidates and their agents via their local party office and offer a complete solution for all their print needs for the entirety of their campaign.

Understand their print needs

Candidates in every constituency are looking for dependable printers to provide essential materials for their campaign. Understand their print needs and offer them a one-stop shop for everything they need.

Booklets and Brochures


Political parties use Booklets and Brochures to provide an in-depth account of their political manifesto, and distribute to party members and key community members.

Posters can be displayed in the local area to raise awareness of their campaign, and are the perfect hand-out for supporters to display in their own homes and businesses.
Booklets & Brochures

Folded Leaflets

Laminated Flyers


Perfect as a door drop or direct mail, Folded Leaflets offer all the space necessary to outline their manifesto and get voters on side.

Laminated Flyers are ideal for highlighting the key points of their manifesto when canvassing door-to-door.

For pulling together all these promotional materials, a branded Presentation Folder keeps the complete range on-brand and on-message.
Folded Leaflets
Laminated Flyers



Printed Envelopes can help candidates make a greater impact in their direct mail campaigns, simply mirror the design or print a tempting message to encourage a higher open rate.
Whether opting for a temporary solution, such as Corrugated Plastic boards, or a more permanent one, such as PVC and mesh, banners are essential for branding party headquarters and for use during rallies.

Understand their pain points

Before you make contact with candidates, do your research. Understanding their pain points and offering thoughtful solutions is a great start to building a relationship. Read up on the electoral process to fully understand their needs.

For example, a typical pain point is the complex Royal Mail’s MailSort service. Never heard of it? Don’t worry – we have you covered. We can ensure all printed materials are delivered to the correct distribution centre in the correct bundle sizes on time and in the correct format, so you, and your clients, don’t have to worry about it.

We also offer an express delivery option, so even if you fall behind, your client will never know. Your clients’ print work will be delivered direct, and on time, perfectly preserving your reputation.

Remember the imprint!

All printed election materials must include the name and address of the printer and promoter. Make sure you don’t miss this and read up on imprints.

Partner with Tradeprint

With Tradeprint as your print partner, you can sell these items with confidence. We have been working in elections for years: we know what politicians need for their campaign, and we know how to deliver it too. Most local parties find local print suppliers, so we think you have a great shot at getting that work!
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