25 Years & 25 Pledges

25 pledges

25 years = 25 Pledges To Pay It Forward

Turning 25 is a big deal and having achieved so much success during that time the team at Tradeprint has decided to make 25 pledges throughout the 25th year.
Some are fun, some have a more serious undertone but the idea is to stretch ourselves to pay something forward. We want to start 2022 mindful of the environment in which we live and the people with whom we surround ourselves.

Starting in 1997 as a family business, our roots are firmly planted in Dundee soil but as the business has grown, our branches have stretched nationwide throughout the whole of the UK. Several of our pledges have been made with Dundee in mind as this is our home and we want to enrich the community as much as possible.

These pledges have been made with good faith and we are looking forward to giving them a go.

1. Burn’s Night Homemade Haggis Challenge 25th January
2. 50 Miles for Maggie’s in January
3. Spread the love with our new for 2022 employee volunteer initiative whereby every employee gets up to three days per year to volunteer for charity.
4. Tell our secret crush we are crushing on them 😉
5. Have fun at our 25th Birthday Party.
6. Celebrate National Book Day with a book drop or book swap. We will pass on a book that we have loved to someone new.
7. Put mental wellbeing as a priority and include it in our performance reviews.
8. Donation to the local Dundee Women’s Aid for the women and children affected by domestic abuse
9. Donate revision notebooks to a local secondary school.
10. Invest in the future of print by offering a work experience programme for the printing trade/apprenticeship scheme. These will be Dundee based and to apply please contact care@tradeprint.co.uk using the subject line “25-year pledge apprenticeship scheme”
11. Celebrate men for Father’s day by donating to a local charity
12. Bring our dogs to work day where possible (21st June)
13. Continue our sponsorship of Emma the Elephant at Wildlife SOS
14. Plant a TP flag in unusual places around the UK
15. Climb a mountain or a really, really big hill
16. Swim in the sea
17. Mentor a school leaver. To apply for a mentorship please email care@tradeprint.co.uk with the subject line 25-year pledges – please mentor me!
18. Offer a second work experience programme for the printing trade. These will be Dundee based and to apply please contact care@tradeprint.co.uk using the subject line “25-year pledge apprenticeship scheme”
19. Donate to  the youth mental health charity in Dundee
20. Come to work dressed up for Halloween
21. Attempt Mo-vember
22. World Kindness Day – perform a random act of kindness
23. We pledge 25p for every order sold throughout December to local charities
24. Donate to a local toy bank for Christmas
25. Learn a new skill/hobby

Bonus: We will aim to break a print-related world record during our 25th year.

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