Tradeprint and Exaprint UK have decided to partner up in order to give their resellers the best of both worlds.

Following the Cimpress acquisition of both businesses in 2015, Rod Scrimgeour of Tradeprint and Simon Cooper of Exaprint, who had both known each other for years, were naturally brought closer together as leaders of these businesses and could compare notes on their respective approaches to the market. It became apparent very quickly that they both shared a similar vision: that resellers are a vital segment that should continue to be proactively supported.

It was also clear that the two businesses had differing advantages, Tradeprint with their efficient workflow and extensive local manufacturing, enabling very competitive prices and high speed to market, and Exaprint with their greater e-commerce experience and extensive product range.

The conclusion that Rod and Simon reached was that bringing the two businesses together in a strategic partnership would enable them to serve the needs of their reselling customers far more effectively. The net result is that whilst both online platforms will continue to function in the usual way, the teams behind the scenes that support those platforms have partnered up. This means that a customer will be able to place an order for a 3D UV varnished card with Exaprint and at the same time place an order for A5 flyers with Tradeprint, whilst receiving sales support from the exact same team of people.

Similarly, the upper management teams have come together with Simon Cooper of Exaprint UK taking up the mantle of MD to lead the new partnership. “I’ve been so impressed by the energy and depth of talent at Tradeprint and I am super excited about the future as we merge the amazing talent we have at Exaprint with this fantastic group of people” said Simon.

Rod Scrimgeour is equally motivated. He is taking up the vital role of Product Director, which will simultaneously enable the business to drastically extend its product range whilst also creating exceptional tools to assist its resellers in growing their businesses. “I’m particularly excited by this opportunity, I now have extra resources at my disposal and the time to focus my attention on delivering great value to our customers, Simon and I make a great team!”


  • Strength in depth for the UK’s print resellers – an unbeatable range and superlative service.
  • Commodity prices among the best in the UK.
  • A partnership that aims to create the best reseller experience available.


Simon Cooper, Tradeprint and Exaprint UK MD says:

“We grow as our customers grow. Our whole focus is on making business easier and more profitable for our customers. We listen to their needs and this partnership is in answer to their requirements. We’ve built the best trade only service in the industry, with depth of range, keen pricing, and the highest level of service. This partnership will help us serve the needs of our resellers better than ever before.”

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