6 Practical Applications of Plastic Cards

Our partner website Exaprint offer Plastic Cards with a diverse range of finishes, plus a choice of un-laminated, or matt/gloss lamination.  Thanks to this partnership, these products are now also available to Tradeprint customers.

As a new product range to offer your clients, we’ve come up with 6 practical uses to get you started:


1. ID Cards

Select a Variable Data finish to easily create an ID Card complete with name, photo, ID number and everything else!  Plus you can add a circle or oblong drill hole for attaching to a lanyard.

Prices start at £82.42 for 100 cards

Plastic Card with round hole

Plastic Card with round hole

2. Membership Cards

Choose the Embossed Variable Data finish to add raised text or numbers to the card to add a professional touch, perfect for exclusive membership cards.

Prices start at £78.06 for 100 cards


3. Promotional Materials

Create high end promotional materials for your clients with a Plastic Card rather than the usual flyer. Add Scratch Off Ink to your card to reveal a special offer or discount code, ideal for hand-outs at an event or a direct mail campaign.

Prices start at £83.91 for 100 cards


4. Loyalty Cards

Rather than creating a disposable loyalty card, instead use a Plastic Card to ensure it stays in customers’ wallets. Choose a Writeable Strip to enter the customer’s name for a personal approach, or add Gold or Silver Foil for a touch of luxury.

Prices start at £83.91 for 100 cards

Plastic Card with gold foil finish

Plastic Card with gold foil finish


5. Hotel Room Keys

Rebranding a hotel? Add a memorable touch by offering to update their room keys in line with the new brand too! Add either a HI-CO or LO-CO Magnetic Strip to your order and your choice of gloss or matt lamination to compliment your designs.

Prices start at £78.89 for 100 cards


6. High End Business Cards

Choose a Transparent Plastic Card for your next business card design to mirror a high quality, modern company. Go even further and choose a die cut to your custom shape.

Prices start at £68.93 for 100 cards


Plastic Cards: What you need to know

These cards are available in substrates of 500 or 760 microns and are 54 x 86mm. You can order them in quantities as low as 100 and up to a maximum of 5,000 (at 760 microns) or 100,000 (at 500 microns).  Exaprint also offer the option of thermo compatible cards suitable for overprinting.

With such a diverse range of finishes, these Plastic Cards are perfect for realising your designs, whoever the client.  Register as a new customer and receive £35 off your first order, or if you are already an Exaprint customer, click here to browse the full range of Plastic Cards.


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