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It’s near impossible to think of a single industry which didn’t go through a serious stage of disruption after the internet became easily accessible. Massive disruption was brought to retail with a proliferation of online stores opening and vying for shopper’s attention, Netflix changed how we view television, and even taxis and hotels were disrupted by Uber and Airbnb. And of course, the print industry has been affected too. Now high street retailers can offer their services online and have access to more customers than ever before, however it has also brought more competitors into the arena.

It’s more important than ever to be visible to your customers. When they can choose any of your competitors, make sure they remember you. Keep your brand in front of your customers with these three print products.

1. Business Cards

Business Cards

An absolute essential and the bestselling product for most printers and print resellers. Even in a digital world, it’s hard to imagine not carrying a few business cards around just in case you meet a new contact. However, business cards are perceived as disposable, and are easily lost or thrown away. Try adding a premium finish, such as rounded corners, Spot UV or Soft Touch lamination, to encourage your customers to hang on to them for longer.

2. Desk Pads

Desk Pad

Desk pads are incredibly useful. They are perfect for planning your day, scribbling down notes while on the phone, or just doodling while brainstorming. They feature on most desks and are used every day. Our range of desk pads are completely customisable, so you can choose whether you want lined, blank, to do lists, calendars, or a mix of things! The one feature they always have is your logo and contact details, keeping you front of mind and on their desks.

3. Wall Planners

Wall Planner

Guarantee your company name and contact details are within sight all year round with our Wall Planners. A fantastic “happy new year” gift, these can be personalised with your branding and company information. Our current turnaround time of 5 working days on our saver option, means you have plenty time to order yours before 2018!

Plus we’ve made ordering even easier with our 2018 Wall Planner artwork templates. Choose from A1 or A2 sizes with a variety of layouts, and easily add your customised branding or design too. These artwork templates can also be used for creating a unique desk pad too!

Although business cards are great for when you’re on the go, they are often misplaced or thrown away. Consider sending hot leads or loyal customers a desk pad or wall planner as a useful item likely to be kept and used while reminding them of your company and keeping your contact details within reach.

Download 2018 Wall Planner
Artwork Templates

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