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How can booklets help your business?

Even with entire libraries now at our fingertips, you can’t beat a booklet in your hand. Traditional literature has stood the test of time, continuing to be one of the most effective ways of conveying information. Regardless of your business, getting your readers undivided attention can be as simple as a booklet, and Tradeprint have made the process of booklet printing a lot easier than you’d think.


Saddle Stitch

When you imagine a booklet, it’ll probably be saddle stitched. These are the some of the most popular and widespread of printed booklets, used for magazines, charity newsletters, catalogues and much more. That’s why we’ve made this an easy, affordable, and quick process to get your booklet printed at Tradeprint. You just need to upload your own artwork to the correct specifications on our website, we also offer various stages of design assistance to make it as streamlined as possible. Our competitive price point also offers price match, so we can always offer you the best deal on printed booklets. Alongside this we also have our cutting-edge printing capabilities, making sure your order is received, created, and shipped with an incredibly efficient turnaround.

The ease and price point of these booklets make them ideal for recurring work with quick, easy, and affordable orders, these can be sent out for monthly updates like magazines or mailers.


Perfect bound booklet

Perfect Bound

Perfect bound booklets are our premium solution for longer term use, such as catalogues or manuals that are repeatedly read while keeping their quality. These sturdier options are also recommended for printed booklets with larger page counts as the back stitching can easily accommodate the extra size.

These booklets really live up to their name, being bound with a versatile thermal glue and then trimmed to give clear and “perfect” edges. This kind of binding is found in any booklet you’d keep around, essentially a custom paperback book, and with up to 240 pages it very well could be.


Wiro Bound Booklet

Wiro Bound

Wiro Bound is a less traditional option for creating your booklets. This unique binding offers some great utility depending on the nature of your order. A handy feature is that they can be placed down while remaining open at a page, providing a handsfree opportunity that is ideal for reports, planners, or manuals.

These are also perfect for recipe books, using waterproof materials to keep the pages clean.


We know you should never judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you with some of our beautiful bespoke options! You can really stand out with custom sizes, lamination, or even a spot UV finish to really make your booklet pop.

Throughout our wide range of printed booklet options, we can guarantee that every single one is FSC certified. At Tradeprint we use 100% FSC certified paper that has come from an accredited and sustainable source as standard.


You can see our full selection of booklet printing options on our website.

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