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Welcome aboard!

Starting a new job can be daunting: a new work environment, new colleagues, and even a new coffee machine to figure out. However, ensuring that a new hire feels settled and welcomed can ease this transition, making them feel like part of the team from day one.

New hire packages are becoming increasingly popular in businesses as a way to help new talent feel valued the moment they step through the door. Not only do these packages help newcomers feel welcome, but they also play a crucial role in promoting your brand image to your new team members.

First impressions matter, not only for the new colleague to the company but also for the company to the new colleague. A package filled with company-branded merchandise can help new hires feel right at home.

It all starts with the box.

The box is the first thing a new hires see, and a custom-printed box sets the tone for all the goodies inside. Mailer boxes or postal boxes are common types of packing boxes due to their solid structure and aesthetic appeal when printed with your corporate branding. Adding a nice welcome message to the inside of the box lid can create a positive first impression. You can protect the goodies inside with tissue paper, or colourful packing peanuts or shredded paper.


Company documents

Can you believe it? Some folks actually read the company handbook – me being one of them. These handbooks have all the important info and policies about your new workplace, plus any perks your company offers its staff. Your welcome package is the perfect time to hand over that handbook to your new team member. Print them as standard

saddle-stitched booklets, wiro-bound books, or fancy premium perfect-bound booklets. Just make sure they’re the right size to fit in the box you ordered.

And hey, you might want to throw in a welcome letter or a friendly greetings card for your newbie. A little personal touch goes a long way. Stick in a handwritten note from the big boss, giving a warm welcome to your team.

Printed merchandise

The choice of products will vary from company to company, but who doesn’t appreciate a complimentary mug? A mug printed with your company’s logo or slogan is always a hit. And if you personalise it with the name of your new hire, even better!

Staying hydrated is essential, especially during those initial days of studying the health and safety manual. Consider including a custom-printed water bottle featuring your logo. Simple branded water bottles or aluminium sports bottles are wallet-friendly options, while more upscale choices like branded speckled copper water bottles offer durability and a touch of luxury.


Tote bags are another popular gift choice. They neatly fold into the package and are ideal for your new member’s upcoming shopping trips.

New hires will need a place to jot down all the new information they’ll come across during their first week. Provide them with a custom notebook printed with your company branding. Premium notebooks radiate luxury and are perfect for carrying in a backpack or tote bag. Notepads or desk pads designed as “to-do lists” or “weekly planners” can help new hires stay organised, especially those spending significant time in front of a computer.


And let’s not forget the reliable pen. Even if most tasks are done digitally, a pen is still a necessity. Twist action ballpoint pens or classic ballpoint pens are versatile options suitable for everyone. But if you want to go the extra mile for your new staff, a luxury engraved Parker Jotter Ballpoint pen makes for a perfect little addition.

Many workplaces require a card for signing in and out of the building, often left on desks or tucked into jacket pockets. A lanyard comes in handy for keeping your work card with you at all times. Batch print these for use throughout the company, including visitor lanyards, to make them a more cost-effective product. So, make sure to include one in your welcome pack.


Adding a fun little gift will show your company’s fun side. Sunglasses not only look good, but you can custom print these with your logo on the side. New employees can wear them when chilling outside on their lunch break, or discreetly catching a quick power nap during a Zoom call.

Last, but by no means least, treats! A welcome cookie, sugary sweets, or my favourite a pack of posh biscuits. A little edible treat included in your welcome pack is appreciated by everyone. It’s just a nice little addition to put a smile on someones face.

Welcome packs are a great way to show off your company branding to a new pair of eyes. It gives your new employee ‘new job’ essentials, and lets them know that your company cares about it’s staff. The employee welcome pack is much more than just a formality – it’s an opportunity to make a memorable first impression and set the stage for a successful employee journey

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