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How Can Flyers Benefit Different Industries?

Flyers are an incredibly versatile tool, so much so that you might not even realise some of the inventive ways they can be used. You might be surprised how many industries can benefit from custom-printed flyers, from simple reminders to clever advertising. We’ll show you how flyers can be one of the most important tools for a business or institution.

Education Flyers 

In an institution of learning, presenting information is obviously very important, and there are fewer cheaper and easier ways to spread the word than with flyers. These can be posted to school noticeboards, handed to students, or even sent home to registered addresses. Simple flyers are also great for events such as freshers’ fairs and career days where you can reach your concentrated demographic.

You don’t need to be working within education to take advantage of flyers as a cheap and easy communication tool, students can also use them for promoting school clubs and organisations or their own events, exhibitions or rallies.

Charity Flyers

Charities are another institution that can really benefit from these cheap and easy marketing tools. We know budgets can be a high priority with these kinds of businesses, so we can offer our basic options at incredibly affordable prices. In addition to these low prices, we also offer a flat discount to registered charities! To ensure the absolute best deal possible we also provide a price match on selected flyer printing options, so that UK charities won’t need to waste time on finding the best service with the cheapest price.

Flyers can be used to raise the profile of your charity by having a handy stash at all events ready for handing out to all and sundry to keep your charity front-of-mind.

Business Flyers

Finally, perhaps one of the first uses to come to mind, but nonetheless still one of the most versatile.  Again, whether you’re an established brand or are just about to launch there’s a way you can use flyers to benefit your business. Make your custom flyer memorable with more unique options, like the rounded corner flyer or luxury-finished pearl flyers. Let your business pop with unique styles and shapes, our custom-sized flyers can accommodate almost any artwork you throw at it.

Printed flyers are a cheap way to provide quick and convenient company updates, and also to inform customers of any recent news such as an award win, changes to opening hours or pricing.

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