Fun with Art Prints: Find the Perfect Paper Stock

heavyweight print art paper

Art should be printed on paper that is worthy of it.


Some paper stocks just don’t achieve the rich, vibrant colors and inky blacks that warrant the presence of such beautiful artwork. It’s only the finest and most impermeable paper that should be considered when printing such exquisite artwork.

We are proud to use only the best materials in our printing processes and we understand that when you want to produce a truly impressive piece of art, it must be printed on the highest quality paper stock available. We measure paper in “gsm”  (grams per square metre) and the higher the number, the thicker and more absorbent the paper is. This allows for the ink to penetrate the fibres better, resulting in a perfect print. Choosing which paper to use may sound like a daunting task but picking the right one for your works of art should be as easy as painting by numbers.


325gsm Mohawk Eggshell – This prestige, off white paper is perfect for those who are looking to achieve a truly outstanding print. This paper is perfect for artworks with a heavy ink coverage and is a fantastic option for minimal and watercolour designs. This paper is thick and durable, so it will stand up to even the most demanding of print jobs


350gsm Recycled Uncoated – If you want to show off your vibrant print with no distractions, then our 100% recycled uncoated paper is your choice. As it is uncoated, this means that the raw ink is printed straight onto the paper without any aid of glossy or matte laminations. This is a great option if you wish to place your print in a frame with glass, as it lowers the risk of glaring and can be seen from all angles.


400gsm Uncoated – Enjoy the luxury of thick, high-quality paper that will give you an incredible finished product. This option is perfect if you’re looking to produce top-tier print that even Andy Warhol himself would be proud of. With this super thick paper, you won’t see any dog ears in sight and offers a truly premium experience. While we’re known for our eco-friendly approach to business, we’ve also worked hard to make sure that this paper is 100% recycled. We really love this paper, and it is a must-have if you run a printing store on Esty, Shopify or any small business outlet.


Art should be celebrated and shared for everyone to enjoy. Selling your prints online is a fantastic way to share your creative flare. Or why not set up a stall at a craft market and let your customers see your works of art in all their glory. Make sure you have plenty in stock, as once people catch a glimpse of these prints, you will certainly draw a crowd. Find all these paper stocks on our heavyweight art prints page, and let your creative journey begin.



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