Into the Fold: Discover our expanding range of folded leaflets

Folded Leaflets

With a recent investment in new folding equipment for our Dundee-based plant, we have increased our capacity for folded leaflets and added an expansive range of new folds to our product offering.

Leaflets are great print solution for all types of businesses as they distribute information in a format that’s both clear and easy to read. They present a more economic and versatile way to display your designs, plus they hold large quantities of information on one sheet, which can be folded down to a more pocket-friendly size.

Here are 6 of our favourite new folds, and how you and your customers can get the most from them. Plus, scroll to the bottom of this post for a complete size summary and folding guide download.

1. Z Fold

Z Fold Leaflet

A sheet is folded to create panels forming a zig zag. This fold is ideal for tourist guides or exhibition leaflets, with one side displaying a map of the area or gallery, and the other packed with key information.

2. Roll Fold

Roll Fold Leaflet

An original sheet is folded with each panel folded under the other. This fold is ideal for a takeaway menu, with the restaurant name and contact details displayed on the cover and menu items listed inside. It can also be used as a product catalogue to highlight product features and pricing, and is perfect for handing out at trade shows, exhibitions and showrooms.

3. Gate Fold

Gate Fold Leaflet

The paper is folded into three, with the middle panel double the size of the outer panels, which fold over the front to create a cover. This 6 panel leaflet is often used for menus, but can also be used as an eye-catching leaflet or direct mailer.

4. Double Parallel Fold

Double Parallel Fold

This 8 panel leaflet is created by folding the page in 4, with the two right panels folding inside the leaflet. This leaflet is the best choice for swatch charts due to the long, thin panels. Alternatively, this leaflet can be used as an instruction manual or product information manual as the numerous panels allow for lots of information to be listed in a clear way.

5. Half Fold plus Roll Fold

Half Fold Plus Roll Fold

This leaflet is created by folding a sheet in half and then in thirds to create a compact leaflet with 12 panels, which opens to a much larger size. This leaflet is perfect for maps, guides and tourist information leaflets as it is pocked sized but opens to a much larger size. This leaflet can present a large image such as a map on one side, while the reverse can display further information on available attractions.

6. Cross Fold

Cross Fold Leaflet

This leaflet is created by folding the page in half vertically, and then in half horizontally. This gives 8 panels and is perfect for a small event programme, a poster or information on an exhibition. A large image or poster can easily be displayed on the inside pages, while the outside pages can detail the event or exhibition information.

Leaflets are a versatile option, and we have many, many more folds available than what we’ve outlined here. If you can’t see the fold you’d like to order, then browse our leaflet product page or contact us to discuss your folded leaflets needs.

Folded Leaflets
Download Folding Guide

Folded Leaflet Size Summary

Folded Leaflet Size Summary

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