Introducing the “12 Prints of Christmas” 🎄🌟

Festive printing season is upon us! 🎄

While some folks might find it a tad early to deck the halls and talk about Christmas months in advance, for businesses, it’s all about being prepared for the festive frenzy that’s just around the corner. Christmas is a bustling time for all kinds of companies, whether you’re in retail, events & hospitality, or running a small business. Now more than ever, it’s time to don your thinking Santa hats and get creative to make your marketing shine brighter than a tree covered in tinsel.

Allow us to present our favourite products that will kickstart the holiday cheer and help your business stand out in the crowd:

Booklets & Brochures


Capture attention with festive booklets or brochures to showcase your holiday product lineup. Create a gift-giving ideas booklet filled with insights about your business to assist customers in making a purchase. These booklets are not only effective but also budget-friendly.


Flyers & Leaflets


Get the word out about your Christmas market, pantomime, or special holiday deals with eye-catching flyers. As the holiday season approaches, everyone steps up their marketing game, so ensure your promotional materials shine.



CHRISTMAS BANNERBanners are a remarkably effective way to boost your business’s visibility and reach potential customers. They’re versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors, making them a cost-effective and reusable marketing tool.


Wrapping Paper


What’s Christmas without presents? Custom-printed wrapping paper adds a festive touch and makes your loved ones and customers feel extra special. It’s also a fantastic branding tool.



Greetings Cards


Imagine the delight on your customers and staff’s faces when they receive a custom-printed greeting card from your company. Personalize them with your logo or a cheerful group selfie of your amazing staff. Consider adding custom gift vouchers to make them even more special.


Table Talkers


Elevate your dining experience with custom-printed table talkers that make your tables shine like Rudolph’s nose on Christmas Eve. These come in various sizes and styles, perfect for showcasing menus, promoting services, or sharing festive opening hours.


Swing Tags


Get ready to jingle all the way into the festive spirit with custom-printed swing tags. Whether for corporate gifts or Christmas markets, these tags spread holiday joy and boost brand recognition. Add a QR code for an extra touch of magic.


Packaging Boxes


Imagine beautifully designed packaging boxes adorned with holiday-themed artwork, housing charming treasures. Make the unboxing experience enchanting for your customers, whether you’re using mailers, shipping boxes, or pouches.


Gift Vouchers


For those tricky-to-shop-for individuals, gift vouchers are the answer. Design and print them effortlessly, and consider slipping in a discount flyer for an extra surprise.


Stickers & Labels


Custom-printed stickers and labels are versatile, cost-effective tools for enhancing brand visibility and boosting sales during the Christmas season.



Cardboard Counter Displays


Grab your customers’ attention with charming cardboard counter displays that promote your products and services. They’re environmentally friendly and perfect for distributing informative handouts.


Personalised Santa Sack


Capture the essence of Christmas with our hessian Santa sacks, ready to be decorated with any design of your choice. Elevate the holiday spirit at home by gifting your loved ones a personalised surprise on Christmas morning, or use these as corporate gifts at your workplace. Everyone loves a Santa sack.



So, don’t be a Grinch and embrace the holiday spirit early! These festive marketing ideas will help your business shine brightly and make this Christmas season the most wonderful time of the year for your brand. 🎁🌟

To see more of our festive printing products, check out our selection here – Christmas Print Essentials

If you need some help or inspiration with your Christmas designs, we have a cracker of a page that is stuffed with helpful websites from design resources and free font libraries. Our Resource Hub has been put together with our favourite websites that our very own creative team use. Have a look around, and make sure your Christmas print shines brighter than Rudolph’s nose 🔴.

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