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Custom Printed Signs

Nothing says “professional enterprise” more than signage, it’s crisp, it’s clear and it leads people to where you want them.

Want to sell cupcakes? – sign
Want to direct people to an event? – sign
Want to warn people about impending doom? – sign

We can print signs on several products but we think the top choices are either Dibond, Foamex or corrugated plastic. All three can be cut to size or shape and work both indoor and outdoor.
One thing we would recommend is that when you create the design for your sign, you keep in mind that an evergreen design will work harder for you long term. Choosing the right design will also give you less cause to bin your sign so you’re creating less waste.

There are multiple uses for signs and the top reasons for sign printing are often:

1. As way finders – that is to say signs that simply direct people from one place to another. This might be with floor vinyls or rigid boards. Those “this way” signage you see in large spaces, that’s the sort of thing we mean.
2. As brand building at exhibitions and trade shows. Not every enterprise can afford custom designed and built exhibition stands but most people can afford a sign, particularly if it’s a corrugated plastic one. These are cost-effective, portable, can be re-used and easily affixed to existing structures because they are lightweight.
3. As temporary or portable signs – temporary signs are necessary for pop-ups, live events, small festivals and shows or as menu boards. We would also recommend a flag for events and shows as the organic movement and height of them helps draw attention.
4. As welcome boards – Most often this type of sign is a one-off for a wedding or event and is used on a stand or easel to welcome people.

Why Foamex Is A Great Choice For A Printed Sign

• PVC product
• You can add a gloss or matt lamination to make the sign last longer
• Can be custom cut into different shapes
• Choose double or single side printing
• Can come with pre-drilled holes for your fixings
• 3mm, 5mm or 10mm thickness

Why Corrugated Plastic Is A Solid, Sensible Choice For A Sign

• 4mm thick corrugated plastic
• Can be printed double or single-sided
• Can be printed as custom shapes and sizes
• Pre-drilled holes can be added
• Inexpensive way to create temporary signs
• These are lightweight so easy to affix to pre-existing structures

Why Dibond Is Arguably The Best Choice For Outdoor Signage

• Weather, rust and fade resistant
• Very durable because they are made from aluminium
• Dibond signs can last up to three years outdoors and indefinitely indoors.
• Single-sided printing
• Can be straight or die cut into a custom shape
• Can be pre-drilled with 6mm holes

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