Making a greater impact with lamination

Laminated trifold leaflet

For generations, whether the aim has been to provide information to tourists or, perhaps, a takeaway restaurant menu to hungry customers, leaflets have been the go-to direct marketing and communication tool.

Here at Tradeprint, we place great value on the humble leaflet, and for many years we have offered a high-quality and flexible production service, which includes the option of creasing or folding the standard products.

However, with countless flyers falling through letterboxes every day across the UK, how can your leaflet cut through the clutter?

The answer is a simple but effective one – add more value to the print with lamination.

Laminated folded leaflet

To protect and serve

In years gone by, lamination was seen as a method merely to protect the printed product from damage.

Although this still rings true, lamination offers so much more, with the ability to add an extra-special feel to the final printed leaflet.

Nowadays, print has to compete with digital media platforms such as smartphones and tablets to win the attention of the consumer. For this reason, it is more crucial than ever to ensure your printed application stands out from the crowd and appeals to the audience.

Let’s take business cards as an example; lamination will of course protect the card, but also make it much more satisfying to hold. The smooth feel of a laminated surface makes it more likely that the person picking up the item will keep hold of it – partly because it will be more durable, but also because it will give the impression of quality.

This is exactly why we have introduced laminated options for both our folded and creased leaflet products. We want to add as much value to your printed work as we possibly can and while the colours and design that you choose for your leaflet will go a long way to achieving this, lamination can add that crucial finishing touch.

Tourist information leaflet

Mapping out a tasty treat

Let’s look back at the two examples that were mentioned earlier on: takeaway menus and tourist information leaflets.

Takeaway menus offer an excellent example of where lamination can make a real difference. Put simply, laminated menus will last much longer and stand the test of time.

This will make it far more likely that they will survive the elements and be preserved in a kitchen drawer or stuck to the fridge, rather than thrown in the bin – and therefore undoubtedly encouraging repeat business.

It is a similar story with tourist information leaflets. Once they have been passed around groups of visitors, stuffed in pockets, unfolded and folded again, the wear and tear will understandably take its toll on a printed product that hasn’t been laminated.

Lamination will of course protect the leaflet, while the high quality creased and folded options from Tradeprint will prepare the item for heavy usage.

Takeaway Menu

Flexible solutions

Tradeprint’s new laminated leaflet offering guarantees a high-quality finish on all forms of leaflet and we are able to take orders in the thousands.

Much like our standard offering, we are very flexible with laminated leaflets and can provide creased leaflets in sizes from A5 to A3 with various fold dimensions and in matt or gloss finishes. Customers can also choose from 300gsm Art Board Coated or a 400gsm Art Board Silk Finish.

With our laminated folded leaflets, these are available in A3 or A4, in a matt or gloss finish, on 300gsm Art Board Coated or 200gm Silk. Much like the creased products, these are available with a range of folding requirements.

Finishing strong

So while the key aim of lamination is to protect a printed product, customers can expect so much more from this technique. Leaflets that were previously limited in terms of their lifespan will now last much longer, and the quality feel to the customer cannot be underestimated when it comes to standing out from the rest.

High quality print products can make or break the success of a marketing or information campaign, and with a laminated finish, standing out in a modern, digital world, can be made so much easier.

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