The Magic of SRA Unfinished Sheets


Mastering Printing Efficiency

We continue to invest and expand our product offerings to support businesses’ growth and create reliable infrastructures within our industry. We particularly value the print reseller community and see the significance of collaborating to enhance their printing processes. One such product is the SRA sheet, which optimises productivity and reduces costs for printers. These larger sheets accommodate multiple artwork jobs and can act as a backup or alternative option for those facing challenging situations.

What are SRA sheets?

SRA, or “Supplementary Raw Format A,” is the prequel to the standard A-sized paper sheets. These are commonly known as “Flat Sheets” or “Unfinished Sheets”. These larger SRA sheets are designed to accommodate multiple artwork jobs, making them an efficient choice for high-volume printing. Before jobs reach their final size, the SRA sheets are printed with multiple artworks on a single sheet using industrial-sized printers. This ganging up of multiple designs optimises the use of paper and enhances productivity, resulting in more prints and reduced waste. After printing, the SRA sheets are precisely cut down to the required size using a guillotine, ensuring that each individual print is accurate and ready for delivery to customers.

The selection of the appropriate SRA sheet size is determined by the number of printing jobs that need to be produced. For projects with a higher volume of prints, larger SRA sizes are used to accommodate more artwork, maximising print runs.

At Tradeprint, we offer a range of options to cater to diverse printing needs. Our selection includes SRA3, SRA2, and SRA1 sizes, providing the flexibility to handle various project requirements. We also offer SRA sheets in different paper stocks and laminations, allowing customers to choose the best combination for their specific printing projects.

Who are SRA sheets for?

SRA sheets are specialised products that require specific production machinery and capabilities for the finishing process. These sheets are not suitable for everyone but are highly beneficial for certain types of print customers with specific requirements.

The ideal customers for SRA sheets are those who have access to a guillotine and finishing equipment that can efficiently handle the larger SRA sizes. Print resellers, smaller print manufacturers, and in-house printing departments are among the key consumers of SRA sheets.

How can SRA sheets help me?

Working with SRA sheets offers several key benefits. One significant advantage is the ability to create larger or custom-sized jobs due to the larger format of SRA sheets. This flexibility allows printers to cater to a broader range of client preferences and requests.

When clients require multiple prints with consistent results, ganging up multiple artworks on a single SRA sheet can ensure a reliable and uniform print outcome. This is particularly useful for projects where consistency across different prints is crucial, such as marketing materials or packaging.

Print resellers find SRA sheets highly useful for fulfilling larger printing orders from their clients. By using outsourced printed SRA sheets, they can optimise time management leading to cost savings and more sustainable printing practices.

Smaller print manufacturers can benefit from SRA sheets by streamlining their production process. The larger format enables them to efficiently produce multiple designs at once, improving productivity and reducing the time required to complete orders. This efficiency results in cost-effective manufacturing and allows smaller print providers to compete effectively with larger competitors.


Are Tradeprints SRA sheets the wrong size?

No. It is important to understand that the printing process of SRA sheets involves a complex system of feeders and clamps for loading and offloading the paper. Consequently, the outer perimeter of the paper is designated as an “out of bounds” area where printing cannot be done. This limitation is a technical consideration inherent in the printing process.

To guarantee the most efficient and consistent prints for customers, we have established specific artwork size limits on the paper. For instance, if you choose our SRA3 sheet size, the designated print area is 428mm x 306mm. This area is the maximum space available for printing on the sheet.

The final SRA3 sheet itself is slightly larger, measuring 450mm x 320mm. This additional margin around the print area is essential for the loading and clamping process during printing. After the printing is completed, the sheet will be shipped to you at the full SRA3 sheet size.

How are SRA sheets supplied to me?

Due to the larger size of SRA sheets, our shipping process involves using wooden pallets to securely transport the sheets. Firstly, using wooden pallets helps maintain the flatness of the paper during transit. As SRA sheets are larger than standard paper sizes, they can be more susceptible to curling or damage if not properly handled during transport. Placing them on wooden pallets prevents bending and ensures that the sheets arrive in perfect condition, ready for further processing.

Secondly, the use of pallets helps with the movement of the paper throughout the shipping and delivery process. The pallets allow forklifts or other handling equipment to efficiently load and unload the sheets, reducing the risk of mishandling and making it easier to transfer them to your finishing equipment.

Coming to your rescue.

Outsourcing SRA sheets in your printing process offers several benefits that contribute to cost efficiency and waste reduction. As businesses face increasing energy, material, and manufacturing costs, adopting SRA sheets can be a strategic move to optimise printing cycles and stay competitive in the market.

SRA sheets provide flexibility and reliability in challenging situations that businesses may encounter. For instance, if your print machinery breaks down unexpectedly, having a trusted supplier of SRA sheets readily available allows the printing operations to continue smoothly without significant disruption. This continuity ensures timely deliveries to clients and maintains customer satisfaction.

Additionally, businesses may face urgent and time-sensitive orders from major clients. In such scenarios, the larger-scale printing capabilities offered by SRA sheets become invaluable. The ability to get SRA sheets produced externally and finished on your own machinery help meet tight deadlines and fulfill large orders efficiently.


If you think that SRA Flat sheets might be a product that could aid you and your print business, take a look at our range and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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