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How To Choose The Right Packaging Solution For Your Business

Making sure that your products reach your customers in tip-top condition is something that every business needs to get right. It’s even more crucial when sending items with a delivery courier as there is always a risk of the package getting slightly bruised along the way. Protecting your goods from A to B is super important and can also help your business reduce costs. There is a world of choices out there and picking the right solution can be difficult.

What are some of the different types of packaging available?

There are so many different options to choose from, and it fundamentally boils down to what you are shipping. You need to consider the size of the item you want to pack, the weight and the type of product. Making sure that your goods are wrapped up safe and secure in a protective material not only helps with the delivery of the package but can also add to the customers overall buying experience from your business. Customising your packaging can help you differentiate your products from others and boost your brand awareness.

Let’s look at some of the packaging solutions that are out there.

Custom Printed Shipping

Custom printed shipping boxes are a heavy-duty solution for sending bulkier items. Using thick, rigid cardboard, they can hold heavier goods with ease. As these are made with corrugated cardboard; they offer extra protection to your products whilst in transit, ensuring that the goods make it safely to their destination just as you intended. Easy to assemble, and versatile, shipping boxes are always a reliable option for your business.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes


Branded Postal Boxes.

If you are looking to make the best impression on your customers, then a custom printed postal box could be what you are looking for. What’s great about these boxes is that they come in so many different sizes to fit your product’s needs. Also, you can make them stand out by custom printing both on the outside and inside of the package, really elevating the customer’s experience. Something to consider is these boxes do not fit the large letter category for Royal Mail. This type of box is a standard design but has a closable lid on the top that gives a more premium feel and is a fantastic opportunity to play with your brand’s creativity.

Customer Printed Postal Boxes


Printed Mailers

Don’t be confused between mailers and postal boxes. Yes, they do look slightly similar, however, the folding design on postal boxes is slightly more luxurious and gives an amazing unboxing experience to your customers. Much like our other packaging products, these can be customised with print on both the outside and inside, adding another opportunity to raise the bar for your brand awareness. These are available in multiple different sizes (again, not compatable with the large letter category for Royal Mail) and allow you to tailor the packaging with the product, taking it to the next level. Whether it’s beauty products, stationery, or a snack subscription box, mailer boxes always deliver on the wow factor.

Customer Printed Mailer Boxes


Book boxes

Let the story begin even before you open the front cover with custom-printed book boxes. Books, catalogues, brochures, these types of products need a little extra care and attention when being packaged as they are susceptible to bumps, tears and bashes along the road due to their paper construction. However, what is cool about this type of packaging is that they are available in standard A5, A4 and A3 page sizes, offering tailored protection for what’s inside.

Customer Printed Book Boxes




Today, packaging is super important to the overall buying experience for your customer. It not only serves as protection for your goods during delivery but is also an extremely important marketing tool for supporting your branding, showcasing your products, and making your customers feel a little bit more extra special when unboxing. Always think outside the box (pun well and truly intended), so be sure to showcase your brand’s creativity and style. This can make your more packing eye-catching and attract new customers to your business.


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