Kiss Cut or Die Cut Stickers?

Kiss Cut or Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut or Kiss Cut? Which Type Of Sticker Do You Need?

What Is A Die Cut Sticker?

In print terms, a die-cut sticker is a sticker where both the sticker and the backing are cut to the same shape. So, if you’re printing a heart shape, the backing is also a heart shape – exactly the same shape as the sticker.

Die cut stickers are printed as single stickers so they are great for promotions or branding where you might want to give something away for free. With this type of printed sticker, you do need to be aware that if your design has an intricate design or fiddly edges, they might get a little warped, bent or damaged so you might want to consider a kiss cut sticker instead. Kiss cut stickers are individual designs on a larger backing that protects the edges of the design if they are elaborate.

Say you’re a start-up children’s toy company and you want to give the kids who visit your shop a sticker of the latest awesome toy you have so they can stick it on the fridge for their parents to see day in, day out then you want die cut stickers.

You might be a university with a cool brand and who wants to give stickers away at your freshers’ fairs for them to stick on laptops or in their halls of residence. Branding students in this way is far preferable to hot branding irons. Again, choosing the die cut option is a good idea.

In the broadest of terms, think of die cut stickers as individual takeaway branding for robust designs that will stand out. On a sliding scale, the more intricate the design the less appropriate it is to have a die cut sticker or label because what you don’t want is someone getting frustrated trying to peel off a really dainty sticker.

So, you’re up to speed on the die-cut process now we shall investigate the world of kiss-cut.

What is A Kiss Cut Sticker?

Kiss cut stickers can be made as individual stickers in any customisable shape, but they are the top choice if you design is intricate because the sticker itself comes as a standard cut shape with your design in the middle of it. You could think of it like the Japanese Flag, a circle on a rectangular background, although the sizes and shapes will change according to your design.

The whole sticker sheet is covered in the sticker itself, so your design is fully protected until it is peeled off the backing.
Where a burger icon sticker would be a great die-cut option, an octopus complete with 3d tentacles wouldn’t because those legs might get bent or torn. Pop your octopus on a kiss cut backing and its chances of staying intact are greater.

Of course, with kiss cut stickers there is more actual product being used in the production and therefore more sticky waste left over afterwards. This can be one reason why die-cut stickers tend to be the most popular out of these two options.

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