Which Sticker Do I Need For Which Job?

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Which Sticker Where? A Guide To Finding The Right Sticker Or Label For The Right Job.

We know that this can be a tricky concept because stickers and labels come in all shapes and sizes and in many, many different materials. We have been printing stickers and labels for a long time so we are here to help decipher what you need.
Our website has many ways for you to choose which sticky thing you want, for example, we have options to help you choose bottle labels for your wines, craft beers and bottled waters. We also have options to help you choose which labels you might want for candles, food or freezer labels but we know that when time is of the essence, you don’t need to be stuck on which material you need.

With that in mind, here is a cheat sheet of which label and why. You’ll find all of the options in the drop-down choices on the stickers or label page you’re interested in so you should be able to find what you want and order easily.

Stickers for freezers:

Q) I’m looking for a sticker suitable for frozen goods like homemade ready meals, ice cream tubs or pouches, what do I need? I don’t want my product to look subpar because the labels are peeling off.
A) Never fear, what you’re looking for is Polypropylene. Available in gloss white, transparent or metallic silver this all-purpose material can withstand temperatures as low as -20.

Waterproof Stickers:

Q) I need a waterproof sticker that will last for a long time, what do I choose?
A) What you’re looking for is Polypropylene or polyester. These are available in gloss white, transparent or metallic silver. They are suitable for use indoors and outdoors which is handy on a drizzly day. If you are looking for a luxury label that would be submerged in ice water, for example, a wine bottle in a cooler, then our white waterproof hammered paper is the ideal choice. https://www.tradeprint.co.uk/stickers-and-labels

Food safe labels:

Q) I need labels that won’t peel off my ambient goods packaging; what do you have?
Jar labels: ideal for low-cost manual labelling. https://www.tradeprint.co.uk/stickers-and-labels
Food safe labels: Natural Greaseproof Paper – perfect for use on food packaging / oily/fatty goods as it has a protective coating to repel grease and odour.
Low cost – simple all-purpose option: “best buy label” this is no-frills paper. Not waterproof but ideal for pricing, promo, homemade bit and bobs.

Takeaway labels that won’t smear or peel:

Q) I need stickers I can write on for hot takeaway containers that won’t smudge when I use a marker. They need to be food-safe within the UK and be able to withstand heat and moisture – what do I need?
A) You need to give us your number so we can order from your menu! But what you’re looking for is actually natural greaseproof paper – easy to write on whilst having a protective coating.

Simple circle stickers

Q) I just want an easy circle sticker but I’m going round and round in circles – which options do I choose on your website?
A) Choose circle stickers here.

Lots and lots of labels with different designs:

Q) I need to get a lot of stickers, but the designs are split into different sets, how do I do this?
A) That’s simple for us, you just order a set per design. You could also choose our custom sheet stickers if you are looking for multiple designs on one sheet as this gives you the flexibility to design the whole thing.  Shop here.

Vinyl isn’t just for records…:

Q) Do vinyl stickers block out whatever is underneath them?
A) Partially but not completely, however, if your designs contain a dark all over background colour, for example, navy blue or black, then it should be fine.

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