Add Direct Mail to your Marketing Plan in 12 Steps

Add Direct Mail to your Marketing Plan in 12 Steps

Direct Mail is an essential part of the marketing mix and it’s even more relevant for printers. What better way to showcase your products to new customers, or remind your current customers of your service than by sending it to them! Plus, InfoTrends conducted research which found that 66% of … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Brochure and Booklet Binding

Perfect Binding

There are a lot of considerations when choosing a style of binding for your project. You have to consider budget, number of pages, size, turnaround time, longevity… and that’s before you’ve even chosen a print partner! This doesn’t have to be a difficult choice, simply follow our guide below to … Read More

Perfect Bound Booklets and Brochures: our new premium product

Perfect Bound

Perfect Bound Booklets and Brochures are now available directly from the Tradeprint website!  This new addition to our booklets and brochures range is the ultimate indulgence and ideal for adding an extra touch of luxe to your clients’ promotional materials.   Why choose perfect bound? Using only the finest materials … Read More