Back to work, back to safety

Back to work, back to safety
Let’s get ready to reopen your business!

As the UK begins to reopen, many people are looking forward to enjoying a good meal with family and friends or getting out of those joggers and jumping into new summer clothes.

To help businesses of all sizes #getbacktowork as quickly and safely as possible, we have put together this blog so that those working in the hospitality and retail sectors know exactly how we can help both your employees and the general public feel safe and secure.

Safety First

It is important to make sure your employees feel safe and prepared before they return to work, giving them confidence in doing their job safely. Whatever sector you are in, view the handy guides to make sure your bases are covered. Once you have identified areas that need alteration or improvement you can look at ways of achieving them.

Staying safe at work
Handy tips to stay safe at work

Government guidelines stipulate that everyone must maintain social distancing in the workplace wherever possible. If there are any activities that are required where social distancing cannot be fully adhered to, then measures must be taken to reduce the risk of transmission between people.

For example:

  • Washing hands and surfaces more regularly.
  • Using screens or barriers to separate people from each other.
  • Reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using ‘fixed teams or partnering’ (so each person works with only a few others).
  • Staggering break times to reduce pressure on the staff rooms / communal areas.
  • Use safe outside areas for breaks.
  • Optimise spacing and re-arrange tables and chairs to reduce face-to-face interaction.
  • Ensure that people with disabilities are able to access lifts safely and that there are clearly marked zones on the lift floor.
  • Provide hand sanitiser for the operation of lifts and encourage the use of stairs wherever possible.
  • Use social distance marking for other common areas such as toilets, changing rooms and in any other areas where queues typically form.
Hospitality Essentials
Popular Hospitality Essentials

Waterproof Menus
Laminated menus that are easy to wipe clean and disinfect during the day or after hours. These come in a range of sizes to meet your exact needs.

Disposable Placemats
A simple, economical solution for day-to-day business. No cleaning required, and great for when messaging needs to be regularly updated.

Cutlery Pouches
Once the cutlery pouches are used, the paper can be disposed of. So, whether you are specialising in dining in, take-away or both, these are the perfect choice to ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained.

Social Distancing Floor Vinyls
Vinyl Floor Stickers help customers maintain social distancing whilst visiting your bar, café or restaurant. They are designed for indoor use and are perfect for keeping your queue orderly. To help customers keep their distance whilst queuing, order our 300x300mm circular floor stickers. Place these stickers 2m apart and encourage people to stand on them.

Need your product fast? Not a problem
We offer Express and Same Day service on most products, so get ready and keep your employees and visitors safe.



Health and Safety Essentials
Popular Retail Essentials

Clear Roller Banners
Additional protection for face-to-face interactions at salons or restaurants.
Quick to set up, easy to maintain a safe workspace. Available in 2 different sizes.

Foamex Boards
A study 3mm, wipe-clean format that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in A3 and A4, including ready-to-go designs for standing 2m apart and handwashing.

PVC Banners
Tell everyone you are open for business with a 2 x1m banner in weatherproof PVC which can be seen from afar. Being 2m in width it can also be used as a reminder for social distancing.

Floor Tape
Laminated for extra durability. Use to mark areas or zones.

Bollard Covers
These sleeves turn safety bollards into advertising opportunities and are also an easy way to convey safety advice to your visitors.
Lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble whilst still being suitable for use outdoors.

Need your product fast? Not a problem
We offer Express and Same Day service on most products, so get ready and keep your employees and visitors safe.




Now measures are in place inside your workplace, it’s time to start bringing business in and let customers know you are open again.
You can do this in a number of ways via social media, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, sending an email out to your client base, printing some posters, flyers and postcards to thank customers for their loyalty.

Top tip: Offer gift vouchers. Ensure a repeat purchase and instant revenue.

Health and Safety Templates
Free Resources

To try and help you get ready to open as soon as possible we have some fully editable designs for posters, boards, and banners. Use as they are to edit to fit your needs. They are available on our pro tools page. Order straight away using our designs, or upload your own, the choice is yours!

Need Something Else?

This is just a sample of the range of products that we offer. Please take a look at our website for the full product range and feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or can’t find what you’re looking for and one of our dedicated customer care team will be able to help. Please drop us a line at


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