Refresh for the New Year

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New Year, New Print Ideas.


It’s a New Year and a blank canvas ahead of you. Out with the old, and in with the new they say, so why not apply that thinking to your business’s branding? The year 2022 was tough for a lot of people as many are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic and rising living costs. That is why your branding and marketing needs to be in tip-top shape to make sure your business will thrive in this harsh environment, all while keeping running costs low.

Brand Colours And Why They Are Important

A great place to start off would be to revamp your branding look. If you have been using the same logo, colours, and aesthetics for a while, then maybe it’s time to change things up a bit and give people something new to fall in love with. A new, modern logo can completely change the aesthetic of your branding and can be super simple to create. A new colour pallet and fonts can also be a refreshing addition to your restructure and can reinterest your customers back into your business.

Branded Merchandise

But what if you want to keep hold of your current branding? Then that is not a problem. If your branding has been successful for your business and people recognise you immediately from your logo, then why fix something when it isn’t broken? But maybe it’s time to broaden your horizon and investigate new ways to spread your image and attract more customers to your business. Online businesses can have a hard time getting seen in the physical world, as digital marketing can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. But don’t let that stop you from trying new methods to reach new customers. Printed merchandise gives people something physical in their hands and has a longer impression than a quick swipe on a social media ad. Business cards, flyers, and booklets are all media that can be vital tools to your business, and at the same time, not breaking the bank.

Take flyers for instance, if you have an event coming up that you think members of the public would be interested in, then flyers are perfect for handing out to customers on the street, leaving on reception desks or even door-to-door distribution. They offer amazing print quality, all while being low cost.

Printed Newsletters

Putting together a newsletter is another great way to keep your customers up to date with what’s going on in your business. A newsletter can be a simple A4 folded leaflet, with compact information, bullet point facts, and pictures. But a super cool product that gives you more bang for your buck and offers more space to print on, is Zine prints. Zines (short for magazines) are a fantastic product for all types of businesses at a super low, affordable cost. Available in compact A5 and A6 sizes, these are perfect for packing in loads of product information, company updates, case studies, and then handing them out to your customers.

Large Format Printing

Not all marketing efforts need to be small, why not go big? I mean, really big! If you have a physical shop, then the chances are you have a display window. Use that space as a canvas and get creative. Shop displays are the first thing customers see when walking past your store, that’s why you need to make them bold and eye-catching. And it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to create an amazing backdrop. A cardboard compact pressboard is cheap and delivers premium print quality at an affordable price. At around £50, you can get a 1.5m x 2.8m board printed and delivered, and will last a long time, making it a great investment. These boards also come with the knowledge that they are completely recyclable so it is safe to say that you can kill two birds with one stone: advertising your business and doing your part for the planet.

Banner Printing

Not big enough? Do you want something larger? Fret not, maybe a banner is something that will quench your thirst. PVC and Mesh banners were born for outside advertising and are the perfect addition to any business. Robust, vibrant, and available in custom sizes for any use cases, banners give you a bigger stage to shout out about your company. And for those watching their carbon footprint, we even offer PVC Free banners that can be recycled after use.


Countless opportunities await your business; now is the time to refresh your artillery to take on the new year. Give yourself a boost and make this year the best year of your business’s life. Look for new ideas, new products, and new chances to entice, educate and connect with people. Get creative and think of using marketing products in ways you have never thought of before.


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