Which lamination should I use for my print?


Gloss, Matt or Soft Touch?

Choosing the right lamination for your prints can be complex, especially without a sample pack. Laminations impact durability, aesthetics, and tactile quality. However, with a variety of options, the choice often hinges on personal preference and specific needs. Factors like usage, environmental conditions, texture, and finish preferences influence the decision. Different laminations offer distinct features – glossy for shine, matte for subtlety, and soft touch for unique aesthetics. It’s important to align the lamination choice with your design.


Gloss lamination is a top choice among our lamination options. It intensifies print colours, making them appear more vivid and vibrant. Photo images and bold hues leap off the page, elevating the overall look of your printed materials. The smooth, tactile sensation of gloss lamination provides a premium user experience while also serving as a protective shield that extends the durability of your paper. This safeguards your prints against moisture and everyday wear, ultimately prolonging their lifespan.

Gloss lamination can be applied to various printed materials, like posters, book covers, and business cards, to create a lasting, high-quality finish.


  • Added protection.
  • Enhances colours in images.
  • Feels smooth in the hand.


  • Some element of glare when reading text.
  • Can see fine scratches over time.


In contrast to gloss lamination, which provides a shiny, reflective finish, matte lamination delivers a non-reflective, flat surface. This reduced reflectivity creates a subtle, understated effect that many consider to be more premium. It’s particularly well-suited for text-heavy documents, as it reduces glare and makes reading easier on the eyes.

Additionally, matt lamination offers the benefit of a writable surface due to its slightly rough texture. This makes it an ideal choice for items like appointment cards or calendars where you need to jot down names or notes. When combined with the right design aesthetics, matt lamination can complement the artwork beautifully.


  • Premium feeling in the hand.
  • Makes reading text easier.
  • Writable surface.


  • Oils from fingerprints can be seen over time.
  • Colours can be less vibrant.

Soft Touch

Soft touch lamination can be thought of as a blend of gloss and matte finishes, offering a unique combination of qualities. It maintains a subtle reflectivity that allows for a gentle play of light on its surface while retaining a subdued, flat appearance. The sensation it imparts is akin to the velvety touch of premium materials.

This distinct tactile experience makes soft touch lamination a sought-after choice for various applications, including elegant wedding menus, luxurious packaging, and cosmetic products. When applied to printed materials, it not only enhances their visual appeal but also provides a protective shield against everyday wear and tear.


  • Velvet-like feeling in the hand.
  • Offers added protection to your print.
  • Elongates the life of your print


  • Can see fingerprints over time.
  • Dulled colours

Exploring a product before making a purchase is an invaluable step in the buying process. If you’re keen on experiencing the quality and texture of our laminations firsthand, we highly recommend that you request a free sample pack featuring our most popular products. This way, you can see the materials up close and personal before making a decision to buy. – Best Sellers Sample Pack.

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