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Ding-dong! The bells are ringing for the wedding season.

Yes, weddings can happen all year round, but spring and summer are the most popular seasons for soon-to-be happy couples to walk down the aisle. If you run a wedding planner or events business with a fast-filling-up calendar, then it might be best to start looking for a print supplier that can handle it all.

Simplify Your Printing Process

Weddings, engagements, and anniversaries are extra special days for couples, and they won’t settle for anything less than perfection. However, sourcing prints for clients can be stressful if you work with multiple suppliers, each with different production methods, turnaround times, and pricing structures. That’s why finding one reliable printer who has extensive print knowledge can come in handy.

So, how can Tradeprint help you cut down the stress when ordering prints for your special events?

Let’s Dive into the Prints

When it comes to offering prints to your clients, the options are vast and varied. While the essentials typically include invitations, menus, seating place cards, and thank you cards, there’s a whole array of print possibilities to explore. These prints offer a wide range of paper stocks and finishing options, allowing you to create unique pieces that align perfectly with your client’s vision for their special day.

However, beyond the standard prints, there are several other options to consider for your customers to enhance their event experience.

Board Printing:

Simple foamex boards can serve as fantastic “Welcome” signs or seating plan displays for guests. Their versatility allows for easy customisation to match the theme or aesthetic of the event. Not to mention you can customize the shape for added personality.



Roller Banners:

While it might not immediately come to mind, wide roller banners can be an unexpected yet impactful addition to any event. They make for stunning backdrops for photographs during the evening party, giving your client’s guests that VIP experience.



Tabletop Stut Cards:

These affordable table displays offer a multitude of uses. They can be printed with pictures of the happy couple on tables, adding a personal touch to the decor. Alternatively, if the newlyweds have an online photo gallery, printing the QR code on the cards allows guests to easily access and upload their pictures from the event.




After your photographer has edited the event’s images, offering your clients canvases of their favourite snapshots provides a lasting memento of their special day. Whether displayed in their home or given as gifts to family and friends, these prints serve as cherished reminders of the special day.




Check Twice, Print Once

Even the most skilled designers can make mistakes, especially when it comes to designing for print. After you have created designs for your client and they have given you their approval, it is highly recommended to have a professional review your artwork before sending it to print.

Tradeprint has an in-house Pre Press team who will conduct thorough checks on your artwork to ensure it prints exactly as your clients envision. We offer different services for different skill levels, from Just Print to full Design. We would recommend the File Check and above services to those who need that extra security, as our team won’t send your file to print if they notice a potential print error. It’s always best to get your designs checked before you print, as it may cost you more in the long run if you don’t.

Needing someone to design your artwork from scratch? Then our talented designers can help you and your client get exactly what they want for their big day.

Check to see what artwork service is best suited for you here – Artwork Services.

Order All Your Prints at Once

It may seem obvious, but we have seen clients ordering different prints for a wedding at various times, sometimes causing delivery complications, which can be stressful just before the special day. Don’t leave it too late; get those orders in as soon as possible.

In some cases, printing turnaround times can be as little as 48 hours, meaning if you do leave it a little too late, then you know you can rely on our express service to get them to you in time. If you are organised and prepare your artwork well in advance, you can order all your prints on our saver option to keep costs low.

Consistency is Key

Most clients prefer to use the same paper stock for all their prints, providing consistency throughout the event and demonstrating careful attention to detail. Using the same paper stock for small-format printing increases the likelihood of designs being ganged together, meaning the quality will be consistent overall.

When supplying your client’s artwork for print, ensure that the design is in the colour profile correct for whatever product you are printing. CMYK is the colour set-up for our prints, and our colour management software will ensure that the correct colour is used over all our prints.

If you need any further tips or help on how to supply your artwork, see our Help Centre.

Tradeprint has everything your wedding event planning business needs to offer the very best to your clients. Artwork services at every skill point, and high-quality print products, you can rely on us a single supplier for whatever you need.

For wedding events businesses that have a growing online presence, consider our Tradeprint Connect integration. This innovative platform allows you to seamlessly integrate our printing facilities directly into your website, simplifying the ordering process for your customers. We have hundreds of active users within our system that place thousands of orders seamlessly. Not to mention a dedicated development team that can help you connect your website if you don’t have the know how. This API system has been designed to make printing as effortless as possble, meaning you can focus on giving your clients the time and energy they deserve.

Don’t let printing stress overshadow your wedding planning. Reach out to our dedicated sales team today to discover how we can work with you and make every event truly memorable.

If you would like to speak to one of our sales team, please contact us at – sales@tradeprint.co.uk 

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