Case Study and Testimonial From The Blairgowrie and Rattray Trust

The Hub Magazine - 68 page saddle-stitched magazine.

Blairgowrie and Rattray Development Trust Community Magazine – The Hub

The Blairgowrie and Rattray Development Trust works tirelessly alongside the local community to support people, community groups and businesses. Their important work encompasses:

• The Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Action Plan 2021-2026.
• Mount Ericht Community Garden.
• Working with landlords to help them meet EPC targets for the private rental market through the HEAT project
• Organisation and distribution of small grants made possible by the fundraising efforts of Trustees and volunteers.
• Operation of the Booklore bookshop, part of the “I Know Scotland” Initiative run by Visit Scotland.

When our Director of Sales and Customer Service Anthony Rowell reached out to our community and charity-based customers recently to offer a discount he was thrilled to hear back from the editors of their quarterly magazine “The Hub”.

“The Hub” is compiled by the community and has been published for the last nine years.

The printing and layout costs for the magazine are paid for by our local advertisers and any surplus we make goes towards supporting community projects. All articles are from local groups who contribute each quarter. It amazes me that we regularly fill 68 A5 pages without any trouble at all! Even through the lockdowns we were able to pull together an online magazine, but it doesn’t have the same reach as a printed magazine which our volunteer deliverers put through the door of every house in Blairgowrie and Rattray. We know that many of our older readers really missed the two issues we were unable to print.
Eileen Ferguson: The Hub magazine Co-ordinator

The 68 page saddle-stitched booklet is printed using our Lithographic Machine in our Dundee factory and sent out the door to the Blairgowrie and Rattray community. It has given us a sense of pride to be able to support a Scottish community initiative such as this with an additional charity discount for print.

Going forward, we have decided to honour this discount to any registered charity or charitable trust. In order to receive the discount, an authorised member of the charity should email us at requesting to apply for the 15% discount. This discount will be available on the majority of our online offerings. Should a bespoke quote be needed for items not listed online, we can still help.

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