Top Tips for Brochure Printing


Get the most out of your next brochure print. Can you recall the last time you strolled into a showroom to pick out your next car or kitchen? Chances are, you were handed a brochure, complete with detailed information and vibrant imagery about the product that caught your eye. Brochures … Read More

Buyers Guide to Greetings Cards


Need help choosing the right greeting card options?   Navigating your way through the choices when curating your next greeting card might sound like a walk in the park. But with multiple different folding options and sizes to choose from, you might find it more confusing than you first expected. … Read More

Designing for a Print Calendar: Top 5 Essentials


A well-designed print calendar is more than just a functional tool; it’s a piece of art that can decorate walls, and desks, or even sit as a cherished keepsake for an entire year. However, creating the perfect calendar for print requires careful consideration of various features to ensure it meets … Read More

How to set up your circle sticker design

picture of stickers on a sheet

Are you stuck on how to set up your sticker artwork for printing? If so, we have some helpful tips and tricks to guide you through the process of designing your file correctly for print. The first step is to choose the shape of the sticker you want to design. … Read More

Can AI help you create print ready artwork?


Using AI To Enhance Your Designs With the hype of artificial inelegance growing over the internet, it is clear to see that this is something that we need to embrace and not push back on. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about ChatGPT coming back from the future in the form … Read More

How to Decide Between Flyers or Leaflets

What’s the difference between flyers and leaflets? Flyers and leaflets, these two single sheet products might seem almost identical, but learning the distinctions and strengths of each could help you get the most out of these effective marketing tools. The general difference is that leaflets contain a fold whereas flyers … Read More

Easy Ways to Create QR Codes

Easy ways to create a QR code.   First things first …. what is a QR code? QR stands for Quick Response. A QR code is basically a barcode that you scan using a smartphone or tablet that gives you quick access to websites, social media, links to App stores … Read More

Grow Your Business With Signage

sign printing | Tradeprint

Sign Printing – Go Big Or Go Home   A strong printed presence is crucial for any business. Whether it’s a simple promotion or an eye-catching in-store rebrand, large-format signage is one of the most effective tools for physical advertising. At Tradeprint we’re proud to work with businesses of all … Read More

How To Use Our Online Design Tools To Create Printed Products

Design Online with Tradeprint - Photo gifts | canvases | tote bags | aprons

Design Printed Products Like Canvases & Tote Bags Online We have integrated a design tool into many of our “Design Online” products which gives you the power to design using a simple drag and drop editor.  Upload your own logos and imagery and simply drag them onto the canvas.  Follow … Read More