Add Direct Mail to your Marketing Plan in 12 Steps

Add Direct Mail to your Marketing Plan in 12 Steps

Direct Mail is an essential part of the marketing mix and it’s even more relevant for printers. What better way to showcase your products to new customers, or remind your current customers of your service than by sending it to them! Plus, InfoTrends conducted research which found that 66% of … Read More

Be unforgettable with these 3 print products

Print Products

It’s near impossible to think of a single industry which didn’t go through a serious stage of disruption after the internet became easily accessible. Massive disruption was brought to retail with a proliferation of online stores opening and vying for shopper’s attention, Netflix changed how we view television, and even … Read More

How to build your customer base

Gain new customers

One of the main concerns for businesses is acquiring new customers. A regular stream of new customers helps to counteract any lost customers, plus brings in fresh revenue along with an opportunity to improve your customer experience. To help alleviate this concern, we’ve provided some actionable advice for high street … Read More

Understanding your Customers and the Print Industry

Understanding your Customers and the Print Industry

Our new e-book, 68 ways to grow your high street print business, contains a massive 68 pieces of actionable business advice to help you get ahead of your competitors and grow your business. The first section helps you in building the necessary framework from which to grow your business. It … Read More

New FSC® certified paper stocks: an overview

FSC Paper Stocks

Over the last few months, you will have heard a lot about our changing paper stocks.  This is because we made the decision to use FSC® certified papers in our factories to reduce our environmental impact and help protect our forests.  The paper we have chosen provides a superior print … Read More