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Richies – The Perfect Partner

With a rich history spanning over 150 years, Ritchies in Forfar, Scotland, has been a cornerstone of the farming community. Initially beginning as a blacksmithing service, Ritchies diversified in the early 1900s to manufacture machinery and offer services aimed at assisting farmers. Today, Ritchies operates from its expansive 14-acre site in Forfar, Scotland, specialising in galvanising, CNC, robotic, and computer technology.

Their product range includes Livestock Feeders, Field Gates, Bale Handling Attachments, Aerators, Harrows, and more. With a reputation that spans the UK, Ritchies also serves customers worldwide.  Their reputation extends across the UK, and they also cater to customers worldwide.

Tradeprint & Richies

Bob Ritchies reached out to Tradeprint over 10 years ago to source high-quality and robust vinyl for their operations and also were looking for a solution to promote the visibility and brand recognition of their agricultural implements. Ritchies wanted to partner with a local print company, and Tradeprint was their answer. Working together, Tradeprint and Ritchies collaborated to deliver what was needed for the company’s unique use case.


  • Durability: Agricultural implements face extreme conditions and sustained harsh treatment daily. The prints had to be resilient enough to withstand these challenges and maintain their visibility and quality over their lifespan.
  • Quality Assurance: Maintaining a high level of print quality was imperative to preserve the integrity of Ritchies’ brand. Tradeprint understood this and ensured that every print delivered met the highest standards of quality.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Adhering to a specific price point was essential to align with Ritchies’ budgetary considerations. Tradeprint worked closely with Ritchies to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Scalability: With Ritchies’ varied product range and fluctuating demand, flexibility, and availability without restrictions on volume were paramount. Tradeprint ensured a seamless supply chain, providing prints as per Ritchies’ requirements.

The Solution.

Tradeprint collaborated closely with Ritchies to fulfil their request. Tradeprints artwork team created large format vinyl designs, guided by Ritchies’ branding standards. Before proceeding with large-scale production, test prints were produced to ensure adherence to Ritchies specifications regarding quality and materials.

Special attention was given to factors such as Pantone Matching System (PMS) accuracy, vinyl adhesive strength (Tac), contour cutting precision, and protective lamination. Once both parties were happy with the test prints, full-scale production commenced, and the vinyl prints were delivered to all of Ritchies operations.

Ritchies has maintained a long-term reciprocal relationship with Tradeprint, prioritising quality, efficiency, and sustainability. As a result, their vinyl specifications have become the standard within the Angus agricultural manufacturing sector.

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