Charlotte Rhodes Artist – A Case Study in Drop Shipping

Print on Demand with Charlotte Rhodes Artist

Charlotte Rhodes – Where Art Meets Print On Demand

When we were approached by Charlotte Rhodes Art to help her on her journey from art to e-commerce we were delighted to help. Charlotte’s need for simplicity of system with top-drawer quality aligns with our own values of quality and service so pairing seemed like the right fit.

Charlotte creates charming artwork with signature vibrant backgrounds. Focusing on pet portraiture, animals and landscapes her modern style has become so popular that she decided to branch out into the world of drop shipping. By choosing a print on demand service with us Charlotte has opened up her design portfolio from being a commission only painting business to one that allows clients to enjoy her work in print as well as in mixed media canvas originals.

How We Went About Setting up Drop Shipping For Charlotte

Charlotte’s flair for combining uncanny resemblance with vivacious colours really spoke to us and the team were very excited to put a plan around drop shipping her work. We set up a personal consultation and offered advice from our industry experts to advise on user journey for Charlotte’s customers and to offer her a general review of how the process works.

When our partnership with Charlotte started, she placed her orders manually via our website

As volumes increased, we were able to move Charlotte on a step so she could scale up. We developed a CSV upload facility so orders could come through to us in batches a couple of times per week. This saved a lot of time that Charlotte can better devote to her art.

Our future plan is to build an API connection between her own e-commerce store and ours so the whole process becomes automated. The aim of this is to allow Charlotte more time to focus on art and less time on admin.

Charlotte can now take full advantage of our drop shipping service including these benefits:

• A fully automated service.
• Availability of our entire drop shipping range from prints to mugs, totes and cushions.
• White label fulfilment meaning that we send all of her orders without anyone knowing they came from our print factory.
• Charlotte will not have to hold stock, so she won’t have to have storage space.
• There will be no cash tied up in inventory.
• It is easier to gauge the appetite for specific products without holding stock of them.
• The minimum quantities are just a single item – just one.
• No commission.
• No fees.
• No packing, handling, or tracking concerns – this is managed by us.

The beauty of this type of set-up is that this print on demand business model can be run from any location because there is no need for your own print machinery and warehousing. It feels like a loophole in the system to be able to access all of our expertise and factory set up but in reality, it just makes good business sense.

We are set up to print on a large scale so why not offer the system to artists such as Charlotte and other creators who want to get their own lines online? Leveraging our business to do Charlotte’s bidding in this way allows her to scale up fast knowing that she has our backing and support at all times.

Contact us by email at with “Drop Shipping Request” in the subject line

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