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What Emma Loves ❤

It’s time to update you on Emma the elephant we adopted from Wildlife SOS earlier this year (above left, standing next to her friend Maya).  After a traumatic life as a captive begging elephant, Emma was rescued in January 2021 and now lives her best life at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre.

As the seasons have changed Emma is enjoying the cooler nights and her dips into the pool on the sunnier days. She seems to love the water, staying in for as long as she can before she needs a bit of rest and relaxation in her enclosure.

The team of caregivers that looks after Emma could not be more dedicated to her. Alongside her daily footcare routine to treat her toenail abscess and long-standing issues with her feet and limbs, the team likes her to have enrichment opportunities. The most recent of these was a “Jumbo Feast” on World Elephant Appreciation Day.

Emma joined her fellow pachyderms in having a bit of a sensory exploration of their favourite fruits and vegetables by knocking over great towers and playing with their food. Our regular Emma followers will know how much Emma loves a cauliflower and enjoys being fed whilst she undergoes her care routine so we can imagine how happy this made her.

Another enrichment activity that gives Emma immense pleasure is when her caregiver fills a bucket with nuts and dates and ties it just out of reach. This game has Emma actively engaging muscles to get her treats both alleviating boredom, offering her nutrition, and keeping her active.

It’s safe to say that Emma is a bit of a foodie as she consumes 5kg of fruit and veg a day. She starts her day with a nutritious porridge and in preparation for the harsh winter, Emma’s caregivers mix in a spiced masala to help get her body ready. This is on top of her usual vitamins and supplements.

As captivated by food as Emma is, she has also spent time strengthening her relationships with some of the other elephants in the herd. She walks daily with Maya and Phoolkali and is learning how to interact with such different personalities.

As ever we are thankful for Wildlife SOS and their unwavering care but they need support to continue supporting India’s wildlife. If you can spare anything towards the care and upkeep of Wildlife SOS’ animals, please donate.

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