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Printing for education

Printing For Education

The education sector needs print, even in today’s world of Smart Whiteboards, YouTube and TikTok. Whist tech has its place there are some things that it cannot replace within the education sector. Many schools and universities need promotional literature, signage and event materials for the smooth day-to-day running of their establishments.

We have noted with pleasure that many very reputable colleges and universities place print orders with us and these are the best-sellers for the industry:
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Top Of the Class – Flyers

Where would we be without this marketing staple? Single or double sided flyers provide fast and effective communication for many types of comms. They are great for student councils during voting time, can be super handy for events and production promotion and can also double up as menus for the cafeterias.  Classic flyers are actually price matched so you’re onto a winner here.

Best Student – Saddle Stitched Booklets

Best for a reason – these are versatile little powerhouses of information and can be used for so many applications. Want a brochure? Saddle stitched booklets. Want a programme? Saddle stitched booklets. Want a newsletter? You guessed it… saddle stitched booklets. They just won’t let you down and they are price matched so drop us a line if you want to take advantage of this.

Voted Most Likely to Be Ordered – Leaflets

Leaflets fill a very necessary need in education, they are folded in many different ways and are great for presenting bite sized information. Their price point is always a winner as you can stack these high and print them cheap.

Voted Most Popular – Rigid Boards

Campuses are enormous and moving up to big school or up again to university can need an additional qualification in map reading. Get good signage and student can’t use being lost as an excuse. We actually really like the way signage can be a stylish addition to branding pulling the whole campus together in look & feel. We can sort out temporary signage for events or permanent signage for indoor or outdoor use.

Most Likely To Succeed – Roller Banners

Instant gratification (Just like TikTok) pull it up and you have immediate marketing. We are sure these are so popular because they are both handy and cheap. They won’t break the bank or anyone’s back when they get lugged around. These roller banners are also really great for promotions on-the-go such as recruitment fairs and conferences.

Guaranteed To Impress – Flags

Fly the flag high at auspicious occasions for instant branding awareness and to turn any spot on campus into a designated area. These are really popular for sports teams and conferences because they are light and inexpensive.

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