Election Printing

Election printing

Printing For Elections

The run-up to elections is always a busy and exciting time in our factory. As local communities gather, talk, hold debates and go all out for their political cause, we go all out printing their manifestoes on all kinds of products.

Politics is arguably the greatest subject matter for a marketer because there is little grey area when it comes to slogans and messaging – “Vote and vote for us and we will make your lives better with our manifesto promises” It’s clear cut and easy to brand.

We would challenge you to think smallest first so see how condensed you can make your message. Start at business card size (85mm x 65mm) and then let that grow into handheld signage, banners and enormous posters that can be used to emblazon your campaign message across any mundane space.

From the small election prints…

You’ll need a steady supply of flyers and leaflets that summarise your manifesto and let people know what to expect from you. Add an image, add some punchy points that help people to understand how you can help them and add your slogan and colour branding.

To the large election prints…

Nothing says commitment like some big, printed items Voters will know you are in it for the long haul when they see A-frame, advertising flags, roller banners and semi-permanent signs (we sell permanent Dibond signs too if you need one for your office when you win)

…and the wearable election prints

Wearable printed merchandise is extremely helpful for branding a team and giving a cohesive look & feel to a group. Printing t-shirts and tote bags, hoodies and sweatshirts can also be helpful to create one team and let’s all agree on one thing – everyone loves a reusable cotton tote.

Once you’re in office

Congratulations! We knew you could do it. Now you need to set up shop and have a whole ream of stationery at your fingertips. Start with headed paper, envelopes, compliment slips, stickers for sealing documents, presentation folders and even some branded pens.

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