A Day with Emma the Elephant

Emma the Elephant Update:


It’s been a little while since we’ve given you an update from Wildlife SOS elephant care, but just like Emma we’ve not forgotten. We thought we’d let you know how she’s getting on by going through a day in the life of our favourite pampered pachyderm.

Waking up in the Treatment Unit at ECCC – Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation & Care Centre from one of her favourite activities, sleeping, she rises from her elephant sized pillow. Elephants in the wild are known to often sleep in short bursts while still standing up, thought to be a defence from predators. So, we can tell by Emma’s lounging that she must feel pretty comfortable.

Joining Emma on her morning walk are her two friends, Maya and Phoolkali. They’re both considerate of Emma’s injuries as she wanders at a more relaxed pace, although she can still keep up and manages to enjoy the walks. The paths Emma travels are closely monitored by her caregiver and cleared of any sharp debris to ensure her feet are kept safe and healthy.

After the trio have all caught up, their day can range from a diverse set of activities. Elephants are not only social animals but also highly intelligent, so the carers set up several enrichment activities to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. These include nets strung above the enclosure which contain Emma’s favourite food, to various other snacks scattered around the enclosure for the elephants to forage. We also can’t forget Emma’s love of the water. Making full use of her huge pool the elephants can play and bathe for hours. Although, Emma does enjoy getting back to her preferred pastime, a well-deserved nap in the shade!

Emma’s had a tough journey but with the ongoing treatment and care she receives from Wildlife SOS, she’s making good progress on her recovery. Through donations, Wildlife SOS can provide Emma’s numerous, essential medical treatments. Her feet are bathed with a saline solution in addition to being washed with Epsom salt and turmeric. She’s also able to receive laser therapy, a treatment that cleans the damaged outer skin of her feet allowing for fresh and healthy cell growth on her injured pads. These are all done under the care of painkillers, so she is in the least discomfort possible. This is possible through the hardworking Wildlife SOS team working around the clock to save and rehabilitate India’s diverse wildlife.

After a busy day she’ll return to her bed for some much-needed rest, drifting off to dreams of peanuts (or in Emma’s case sugarcanes).


You can read more about Emma at Wildlife SOS and donate here

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