Water For Elephants – An Emma The Elephant Update

Emma the water elephant at Wildlife SOS

Emma The Water Elephant

Just over a year has passed since Emma was rescued and taken into care by Wildlife SOS. In that time the care staff and vets have learned more and more about what makes Emma tick, what she likes and what she needs.

Emma, Maya and Phoolkali are three elephants who partially share an enclosure at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre (ECCC) in Mathura. Emma has her own pool for spontaneous dipping but can also access the nearby Yamuna River. Water plays an integral part in Emma’s enrichment. She plays and learns from her friends Maya and Phoolkali and they spend time splashing and having a joyous time. Emma’s favourite game to entertain her is getting treats such as sugarcane from the net feeder.

Having space to roam and relax, the elephants take long walks together, dust themselves to get some relief from the bright sun and take naps on cool soil. In between frolics around the enclosure and playing with her friends Emma has her infected toenail abscesses and delicate footpads treated by the on-site vets. Emma enjoys regular footbaths and cleansing with turmeric water. To ensure that she doesn’t further damage her feet, the care staff and vets ensure that her field is kept free of anything sharp like rocks and stones that might further damage her feet.

Emma fans will know how she likes her fruit and vegetables, but it is important that she has a diet high in water content in the summer months. Cucumbers and sugarcane are her snacks of choice, quickly followed by watermelons and pumpkins. Emma’s diet is closely monitored and she is treated to a special porridge each day which contains her joint supplements.

Take a mind-break and watch Emma enjoying pool time with her friends

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