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When it comes to running a business, delivering your products to your customers on time and in pristine condition is of utmost importance. After all, a timely and reliable delivery experience can make or break your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. At Tradeprint, we understand the significance of a smooth and efficient delivery process, and we’re committed to providing our clients with exceptional delivery services by using reliable and efficient couriers.

What delivery couriers do you use?

Tradeprint uses a range of delivery couriers to ensure that its products are delivered to its customers quickly and efficiently as possible. We ship products mostly from our facilities in Dundee, Scotland. However, as Tradeprint is part of a network of printing manufacturers, some of our partner printing companies opt to use other delivery couriers.

We use one of these carriers to ship from our printing facilities in Dundee.


DPD is a leading delivery company that is used by Tradeprint and is known for its fast and reliable delivery times and offers a range of delivery options. We recommend using the DPD App, as it offers more in-depth tracking information, push notifications, and delivery amendments should you not be in for collection.

Link to DPD App

DPD is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has set ambitious goals to achieve this. We get very excited about partners we work with that show a commitment to sustainability, after all, shipping makes up a huge part of our CO2(e) footprint.

DPD are investing in electric and low-emission vehicles, increasing the use of renewable energy in its operations, and promoting more sustainable practices throughout its supply chain.

dpd van driving through country side


Evri (formally known as Hermes) is another delivery courier that is used by Tradeprint. Evri allows you to track your parcels online and through their app. The App is intuitive to use for parcel tracking, you can set up your profile with special instructions for the delivery driver to follow.

Link to Evri App

Like Tradeprint, Evri is on a sustainability journey, and they are working towards Net Zero by focusing on vehicles, infrastructure, and innovative products and services. Having common goals in sustainability further emphasises our desire to make the right decisions that are not only financial but for improving our overall environmental footprint.


We use Palletways to deliver larger, heavier orders from Tradeprint. Palletways are specialists in palletised distributions and have hubs all over the UK.

There are several environmental benefits to getting larger orders shipped by pallet. It can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and minimise waste. Additionally, pallet deliveries can optimise transportation efficiency as multiple items can be shipped on a single pallet, reducing the number of trips required and lowering fuel consumption.

How is the courier selected for my order?

Our intelligent system works out what courier is best to use, based on the item’s size and weight and automatically diverts orders to the courier that is best suited to ensure the customer receives the item on time.

We have found that some of our customers have preferences in which courier they receive their order from. That is why we have introduced our new “guaranteed DPD delivery service”. This delivery service has been created for customers who wish to receive their items exclusively from DPD. DPD has a renowned reputation for accurate delivery times, reliability, and excellent customer service. For a nominal fee of £2.99 at checkout, you can be assured that your package will be delivered by DPD, providing you and your business with the reliability and efficiency you require.

Quality as standard

We pride ourselves on offering free delivery on all our products. Tradeprint’s free delivery service is a game-changer for businesses looking to save on shipping costs while receiving top-notch delivery services. We understand that shipping expenses can add up quickly, and that’s why we’re proud to offer our clients free shipping as standard. With our free delivery service, you can rest assured that your orders will be delivered to your doorstep promptly and securely, without any hidden shipping fees. When using this service, our system will automatically calculate which delivery courier would be best suited for your order. This is done after the packing process, and therefore we cannot provide you with this information until the job is printed. If you don’t opt for our guaranteed DPD delivery service, then our system will update you with the chosen courier along with all the relevant tracking information.

At Tradeprint, we’re committed to delivering value and convenience to our clients, and our free delivery service is just one of the many ways we do so.

Quick and App-y

One of the most convenient ways to track your order with us is by using the courier company’s App. DPD and Evri have intuitive and reliable apps that allow you to not only track your order but give you delivery options to help you get your parcel to the right place.

One feature that we love using is the delivery preference. Within the app, you can give detailed instructions on what to do with your parcel, should you not be in. You can allow the driver to leave the parcel in a safe location, such as a shed or porch, or leave it with a trusted neighbour.

iphone displaying evri app

Some addresses are difficult to find, and drivers often find it difficult to locate addresses even when using a sat nav. What3words is a tool, used by DPD and Evri, that lets you pinpoint your location, to help the driver get to where they need to be. The system uses a grided map, with each square made up of a unique, three-word, coordinate. This can be easily set up within the app and gives you more control over your delivery.

The app also sends push notifications directly to your device’s home screen to keep you informed about your delivery status. This allows you to closely monitor your order and make any necessary changes promptly.

To make the most of these tools and features, it’s crucial that we have accurate contact information for you. During checkout, we require a valid UK-based mobile number to keep you up-to-date with your delivery’s tracking information. Without this number, you may encounter difficulties informing you of your delivery and tracking details, resulting in frustration and misunderstandings. We strongly urge our customers to provide us with their contact number when placing an order to ensure a seamless delivery experience.

Tradeprints road to a sustainable future.

Tradeprint, as part of the Cimpress family of businesses, has initiated a carbon emissions reduction program to lower our direct and indirect emissions at a rate better than the well-below 2°C aspirational target established at 2015’s “Paris Climate Accord”. In fact, our emissions reduction program follows a science-derived 1.5°C target pathway, which will lead to Net Zero emissions by 2040. Making the right choice of shipping partners helps us be sure we are making good decisions about our environmental footprint to support the values we know our customers share.

wind turbine

Moving forward together and facing frustrations head on.

We constantly measure our courier’s success rates because we know how important reliability is to our customers. We work very closely with our shipping partners to try and minimise any issues that could impact our customers and their customers. Many outside issues can cause problems such as Royal Mail strikes, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and capacity constraints during seasonal or adverse weather events. Despite our diligent efforts to ensure timely deliveries, circumstances beyond our control can occasionally cause delays. We understand how frustrating this can be and are dedicated to collaborating with you and our partners to enhance communication and improve shipping services and delivery performance.

Just to give you a little bit of context Evri is currently providing a 98% delivery success rate next day based on the last 3 months, to enhance the performance of Evri we release parcels early to make sure they have more chance of fulfilling that next day delivery – we think 98% is pretty good and we also know there is some room for improvement. DPD’s performance is also around 98% based on the last 3 months and continues to improve with better delivery options and more efficient infrastructures.

By investing in advanced technology, optimising our supply chain processes, and enhancing our communications, we are confident that we can significantly improve the efficiency and speed of delivering your packages to you. We believe that by making these strategic investments, we can streamline our efforts and provide you with an even better customer experience. With these enhancements, we aim to ensure that your packages are delivered to you in a timely, reliable, and secure manner.

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