Extended Order Hours

Sharon Downie

We have extended both our order hours and the availability of our Customer Success teams by one hour.  Customers now have one hour longer to submit their orders and artwork, and the Customer Success teams will be available for longer to provide support for these orders.

As Product Manager with a focus on pre-press here at Tradeprint, we spoke to Sharon Downie to find out what our customers can expect from these changes.


What changes are we making?

“We are extending our cut off time from 5.00pm to 6.00pm.  That means all orders with the correct artwork received by 6.00pm will be processed and sent to production that evening.

We are also extending the availability of our Customer Success teams from 8.00am to 5.30pm, to 8.00am to 6.30pm.”


Why are we making these changes?

“We realised our peak time for receiving orders was from 4.00pm to 5.00pm.  We can imagine the same is true for our customers, so sending the artwork to us for our 5.00pm deadline is really tight.  Now our customers can focus on their customer-facing work while their customers are still in the office, and still have time to place their orders and send in their artwork on the same day.

We are also extending the hours we provide customer support.  Customers can access their Customer Success team from 8.00am to help smooth any issues discovered overnight, and also 30 minutes past our new artwork cut off times.  So any difficulties experienced submitting their orders can be straightened out before closing time.”


What can customers expect from these changes?

“Full orders received by 6.00pm will be processed that day instead of waiting until the next day, and customers now have more access to their Customer Success team.  We want to make the print process as easy as can be, and this is just one more way we’re supporting our customers.”

Sharon has worked with Tradeprint on and off for 14 years.  Starting as a graphic designer in our Pre-Press team, she moved on to become Pre-Press Director, and finally to Product Manager.  She spends her day finding solutions to business problems and implementing them.


Why not take advantage of the new cut off time and submit an order today.


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