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Utilising Outdoor Advertising to boost your business!

This summer #gooutdoorswithtradeprint brings you all the essential outdoor advertising you’ll need to captivate the general public.

At Tradeprint we know the importance of print from the digital to the physical landscape. Print plays a vital role in raising the profile or your business, your brand and especially your company awareness. To effectively convey how new and existing customers view your business, look to the outside world for advertising inspiration and for a wider window of opportunity!

The exciting part is that outdoor advertising provides you with a blank canvas to get those creative juices flowing and get people talking about you! In a positive light of course...

While the obvious outdoor options are the standard banners and display stands, there are loads of changes to really mix things up. Scrap that tentative approach and take that leap into outdoor print. Choosing new media can invoke fear of the unknown, such as price, quantity, size, design and more! In our latest blog post we “unfold” the fears, discuss why outdoor advertising is vital to consider this year and some benefits it could potentially bring to your business.

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Promoting yourself

When promoting any business through the organic channel (Google), a Meta Description allows a small window to portray a meaningful message in order to captivate a click which could lead to a sale. Failing to use metas can lead to difficulties letting the outside world know about your business. That’s the same as ignoring outdoor signage to attract a potentially large customer base!

In the real/offline-world, strong 260gsm Mesh Banners strategically placed outside your business or venue to catch passers-by could give potential customers all the information they need! Or choose even stronger 325gsm for building wraps on scaffolding or bridges. For outside of the box thinking, choose Vinyl Window Stickers for your storefront. Creative signage can highlight offers or discounts or just let the public know who or what your offering.

You want to draw the customer towards you, so let the brand speak for itself! In the digital landscape you may do this by using Schema Mark-up to promote products. In the real-world using vibrant colours, interesting imagery across flag, vinyl's or boards  can be that gateway to elevating your company to the next level.

Make a connection with the world

Outdoor premium 120gsm Blueback Posters continue to prove they have the staying power as an effective medium for serious exposure despite the constant change to digital channels. Creating an outdoor poster allows you the space to get creative and standout to the general public. The prospect of reaching a larger audience could make a larger impact on your business goals and posters are another great way to attract people going to work or just passing. Don’t forget, indoor 200gsm or 210gsm are also great for indoor advertising in your work space!

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Random Engagement Fact:
Gone are the days when QR Codes or Snap-Tags are the newest technology to promote user engagement! Swedish pharmacy chain Hjärtat utilised AI and developed an advertising poster that coughed whenever a smoker approached. Thinking outside of the box at its finest.

Be Clear and Concise

Promoting a message to the mass population with the objective to get as many of eyes on your informative display is always the goal, so always keep in mind the “Why use 7 words when 4 will do!” style of thinking…

Like Organic Search, real-estate and how it is utilised is vital for growth hacking! How the public interpret your brand? How much room does it take up? And more importantly, does the general public want it? 

Product like Business Cards and Flyers can make an immediate impact while creating something that is memorable. These products could be seen as quick win solutions that also drive awareness to the outdoor landscape and promotions. A quintessential example is how flyers can help promote a festival, where you also want ample outdoor advertising. Consider utilising 110g/m² knit Crest Flags to be seen for miles around; or dress employees in Promotional T-Shirts dotted around a 3.6KM square miles radius, Rigid Boards will take care of promoting various line-ups and distribute Everyday Pens. for the fans to score autographs from artists

Perhaps this is regarded as the main stage within the printing world? As they will be seen for weeks on end!



Lastly a big piece of the puzzle, Consistency! A former Digital Marketing colleague always stated that “Cleanliness is Godliness”, this is something that has always stuck with me when recommending any best practice solutions to improve any digital channel I've had the pleasure of working in. Having an online presence which generates leads and sales is fantastic as it means that the hard work is paying off. Now apply the same principles to your off-line marketing strategy! Considered how engaging the products need to be? Outdoor print should be consistent with your other marketing efforts to captivate your audience.

Outdoor print should not be overlooked and be consistent in each of its formats. Think about common brands and logos we see and engage with every day:

  • What demographic is it targeted at?
  • Hitting the correct target group?
  • Offering constant exposure?
  • Good brand identity?

Imagine our logo fluorescent purple instead of the green we know it as?


Somehow it just doesn’t seem right! The smallest discrepancies like colours play a significant part of brand identity and getting them to be right is a priority at making it memorable.

These repeated exposure methods will hopefully help you to take your digital marketing strategy outdoors. If you are thinking of investing in outdoor print this summer, let Tradeprint help you conquer the great outdoors with our finest outdoor advertising range on offer.

Create the very best outdoor personalised decor to fit your home, workplace or general outdoor area. Get the most out of your advertising displays with our long lasting and waterproof products throughout not just the summer months but beyond 2019.


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