Tradeprint sponsors prize at the 2023 DJCAD degree show.



Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design is like the vibrant heartbeat of Dundee’s art scene. Students fr

om all corners of the globe flock to this bustling art institution, ready to unleash their creative prowess and embark on extraordinary careers.

Each year, the school hosts a degree show to showcase the students’ incredible creations. They invite friends, family, and colleagues to witness their creations first-hand.

This year, Tradeprint had the honour of presenting an award at the DJCAD degree show. We were absolutely blown away by the visuals and the boundless potential we witnessed in those students.

But there was one shining star that captured our hearts—Livvie Baird, a promising graphic design artist who fearlessly launched a “DO BETTER” campaign. Livvie’s mission? To tackle equality and sustainability head-on in the fashion world. We were thrilled to present Livvie with a prize worth £150, along with a £50 print voucher to fuel her creative endeavours.

To Livvie and all the talented students whom we mingled with at the degree show, we wholeheartedly wish you the very best for your future.

You can see more of Livvie Bairds work on her website and Instagram pages.

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