9 ways to sell label printing to your clients

Label Printing for Product Packaging

Our range of custom Labels on a Roll are guaranteed to suit every need of your clients. Label printing offers a quick, inexpensive way to brand any product. Simply affix the label to the product or packaging to instantly transform it.

Our range of labels are available in any size and shape from 10x10mm to 300x300mm with the choice of mirrored print and white print. Customise your order for manual or machine application, with a choice of image orientation, roll width and gap between labels. You can order from a single label up to 100,000 labels in one order.

Here are 9 different ways you can sell label printing to your clients:

1. Window stickers

Car Window Sticker

Window stickers are a great way for your clients’ loyal customers to show their support, whether they use them on their car, in their home or at work. They can also be used by your clients to decorate their office windows. Window stickers are resistant to humidity too, so can be used in every room.

Recommended Label:
Car Window Stickers

2. Beauty and cosmetics packaging labels

Beauty Industry Blog Image

For clients working in the beauty and cosmetics industry, a packaging label is a really quick and convenient way to brand their products. Choose a label which is permanent and humidity resistant so they don’t peel or fade, particularly in a bathroom. A transparent stock is also preferred for a more professional look.

Recommended Label:
Transparent Polypropylene

3. Food packaging labels

Food Industry Blog Image

With the very tight guidelines in operation across the food industry, these clients are used to jumping through hoops. Make their packaging label decision easy and choose a permanent adhesive so it stays put. Even better, offer a water-resistant adhesive so the label is perfect in all conditions.

4. Drink packaging labels

Wine bottle blog image

Drinks packaging labels are similar to food packaging labels in that you need a permanent adhesive. In the drinks industry you also need water resistance and an adhesive that lasts even when kept in the fridge! For a high-end wine label, choose a material that oozes luxury and increases its value.

Recommended Label:
Wine Bottle Labels

5. Artisan and handmade product labels

Artisan Label

Showcase the quality in your client’s handmade product range with a label which adds a touch of artisan luxury. With a permanent and water-resistant adhesive, these product labels are perfect whether your client makes chocolates, soaps, candles, or anything else!

6. Low budget

If your client is looking for an everyday sticker to promote their brand, offer them a good quality sticker without the price tag to keep their costs down.

Recommended Label:
Gloss Coated Paper

7. Luxury product labels

Luxury labels

When your client works with only the finest ingredients in their products, their label should receive the same care and attention. Offer them a high-quality product label so their packaging reflects the luxury in their products. Consider using a textured stock for luxury your client can feel, or a metallic finish to showcase a rich array of colour.

8. Outdoor stickers

Outdoor label

When your client is looking for a sticker tough enough to stand up to the harsh weather, you’ll want a label which is fit for purpose. Our outdoor stickers are available with either a transparent or white stock, are humidity resistant and permanent, so you can rest assured they will stay put!

9. Promotional stickers

Promotional Stickers

For those clients just looking for some stickers – for handing out at events, for political rallies, or for showing price reductions in store – you’ll want a sticker that can be easily removed from surfaces but are still attractive and eye catching.

Recommended Label:
Gloss Coated Paper

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