Binding: Saddle Stitch or Perfect Bound?

Perfect Bound vs Saddle Stitched
From annual reports to product catalogues and company magazines, Booklets and Brochures are essential for most companies. While there are many types of binding to consider, ensure the finished product is fit for purpose, arrives on time and within budget by considering the number of pages, budget, longevity, size and turnaround time of the project.

Booklet and Brochure Binding

Our Saddle Stitch and Perfect binding are two brochure options that offer a high-quality finish while being suitable for most types of projects.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Perfect Binding

The preferred choice for projects with shorter lifespans and page counts. Saddle Stitch Booklets are affordable yet flexible, with a range of sizes, page orientations and paper stocks to choose from to customise according to your client’s requirements.
Typically used for printing magazines and paperback books, Perfect binding is the best choice for larger page counts or for booklets that will be used time and again. Our perfect binding uses a PUR adhesive which is 60% stronger than typical EVA adhesives, so you can achieve a premium, professional finish that’s built to last.
Saddle Stitch Booklet
Perfect Binding

Saddle Stitch or Perfect Bound?

Ensure you choose the best type of binding for every project with our chart below, which compares the key features of both Saddle Stitch and Perfect binding. Download the chart below for use on your website or as a sales tool when making suggestions to your customer.
Difference between bothDownload chart

How to sell perfect bound booklets

With a high-end product, it’s essential to have the right selling points. Our infographic will get you started.
Perfect Bound Booklets &
Brochures: An Infographic

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