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Foamex Boards

These are some of our most popular signage solutions. This durable plastic offers an affordable and easy-to-work-with option that’s ideal for creating custom signs. The material itself, contrary to the name, doesn’t resemble what you’d typically think of as foam, instead, this is a material that is created when PVC foam is compressed to create a much more robust and rigid board.
It’s no surprise why Foamex is one of the first stops when creating custom signs. This material excels in many desirable aspects, including price, customisation, and ease of use. Here we’ll give you an idea of why you’d choose Foamex printing as well as some of the extensive ways it can be used.

So why use Foamex?

One of the most attractive aspects is the price point. Foamex is an incredibly affordable option for creating professional custom signage. This low-cost product can be ordered as a single sign so it can fit your unique needs while remaining at an incredibly affordable price.

Speaking of unique needs, another benefit to Foamex is how highly customisable it is. Whilst an excellent canvas for your printed designs, the board can also be cut into a custom shape to perfectly fit your needs. This can be as simple as a shape to accommodate names or text, to more illustrative designs such as items or food.

After understanding the plethora of benefits to using Foamex printing you can see the amount of versatility of the board. To help give you some inspiration we’ll now cover some of the popular uses we see of custom Foamex printing.

Exhibition signage:

Foamex is great for exhibitions or conferences as it is a lightweight option for quick and easy displays that can be temporarily assembled for exhibitions or events. Easily mounted and displayed this durable material not only means you’ll have some of the highest quality printed designs to show off but can also be reused for many more events to come as long as you keep your message evergreen.  We particularly like strut cards for shows and conferences as these handy little A4 sized boards are an eyecatcher on table tops.

Business signage:

These signs are also well suited for more permanent signage that can be used on your business premises. As mentioned previously these can be easily drilled with holes allowing them to be mounted as a more solid fixture either indoors or out. This option also makes it perfect for semi-permanent signage such as sales or seasonal messages that are able to handle extended use. You can find out more with out business signage blog. 

Event Printing:

Are you hosting an event for your business, school, or other organisation? These boards are an ideal solution as they can be easily stored, transported, and mounted to help turn your space into whatever you need. Help guide your guests with easily spotted directions or mark your services and features with clear and quality signage. For even more event printing you can visit our dedicated event printing page.

These are just a handful of ways you can use Foamex printing to help your business or event. Looking for something a little different? We offer a range of rigid boards so take a look at the rest of our range to find the perfect signage for you.

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